Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hello Brand New Eyes, and congratulations PARAMORE!
You are frankly amazing, and we love you.

10/10 xx OTIG

I really want a pair of nerd glasses...

Big Day Out 2010

They've released the lineup - I'm drooling over Kasabian, Lily Allen, Ladyhawke, Rise Against, Bluejuice and Kisschasy...

Note to self : Melb show is Tues 26/1 and ticks go on sale midnight 9/10. I'm thinking Melbourne...

Monday, September 28, 2009


Yesss, thankyou NYLON!

The beautiful Megan Fox for October covergirl.

Sigh. xx OTIG

Did I tell you about this serious thing I've got with MnMs lately? Just ask my boyfriend... baby, of you're reading this - I promise I love you more! xx OTIG

But until then - Sonaisali Island, Fiji

Check out where I'm slipping off to in 3 days... for a week!

I can't wait to show you the photos! We're going to hire a car and slip over to the mainland, hopefully to discover quaint little villages, townsfolk and local markets. Are you jealous?


The Travel Bug... For Next Year

New York in the fall - and next year! xx OTIG

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cripes! - They get to LIVE with Peaches!

What jolly flatmates, really... OTIG

I had coffee for breakfast today. And that's all. I'm confessing, Mum. xx OTIG

The General Rule - Big Glasses, Big Bag

+  +  +

I love Nicole Richie: she has the best sense of style. I love the big glasses and the big bags and the jeans with white teeshirts and the dirt-skimming maxis. I love the scarves! I love the nail polish! And I love love love her closet. If I could just convince the Boy to build me a closet like this, and allow me to love it, and my clothes, second only to him, I'd be just the happiest!

You want one too. Admit it.


Growing up-per and older...

I love the little old people who come into my work religiously, every week, for their bisty meals and coffee. Some of them are very very happy, and some of them are very, very grumpy. The nice ones remind me of my Nan and Pa whom I love a lot, so I'm extra nice to them...

I wonder what its like to be old?


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Well Read, Baby...

It's generally free, you'll will learn ounces and ounces of new things about people, places and the world, and, after a few well written books, you'll also start to utilise a wider range of vocabulary to express yourself, making you sound smarter and wise. So many benefits!