Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Poem for Ezbon.

If I were a boy, I'd be Alexander Wang
(And, for the purpose of this exercise, into ladies)
My reasoning? It revolves 'round his true elegance and style
Oh my -! Just imagine if we were to have babies
I mean, firstly - that hair. Lovely black, luscious locks
I suppose not dissimilar to your own...
Although it IS hard to tell, I've seen yours undone perhaps thrice
Even then, unlike Wang's, not prop'ly grown
I envy the way that he orders his day
24 hours on him writes an interesting read
There's more to him than one thinks, behind that black uniform
He's so shy, for the life that he leads
Things in common? He's driven, and a thinker who can sleep anywhere
He loves sneakers and the culture surrounding them
Unlike me though, he feels he can't pull crazy ones off
So today? You guessed - black ones again
Do you think, if we met, he'd appreciate me like you do?
Would we get along like a house that's on fire?
(Which occurred me then, is a silly expression
Because a house that's on fire is dire)
In any case, he's inspired me, and look at that - my first poem!
It's for you and I hope that you like it like emoticon
I feel on top of the world! What a song, who'da thought?
All this time, without knowing it, I was a poet!