Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Being a Homebody...

So, we're all moved in and stuff. Actually, we've been moved in for about 3 weeks now, but because of that fact I haven't had the internet with which to post on my blog. So I have to quickly put on a little post whenever I sleepover at the Boy's. All my things fit in our weeny flat perfectly, and I'm really over the moon because today, I purchased a huge doll's house to use as a bookshelf. It's taller than me. It is the BIGGEST doll's house I have ever seen. And now its mine.

I continue to be inspired by Jessica Szohr  and Megan Fox, and was rather excited to find that quite a number of my favourite publications have recently featured them, including Rolling Stones, NYLON, Shop Til You Drop and NW. I was particularly impressed with Megan's interview in NYLON. You never can tell, of course, how honest the interview is, but this was the realest one I've read yet. If you can get your hands on the October issue, have a squiz.



There is nothing my flatmate Meggs and I enjoy more than hanging out in our new little home with Sex and the City buzzing in the background, a soft, Motown vinyl spinning on the record player, dinner bubbling on the stove and delicious, silky moisturiser on our freshly cleaned faces. And an ice cold Coke on a warm summers night, because my goodness, hasn't it been hot? Right now we're loving Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Daily Regenerating Moisture lotion. I put it on after cleansing and toning at night, just before bed, and as soon as I wake up in the morning. You have never felt anything this nice! And it makes your skin bea-u-tiful. With a capital B, and not to mention the SPF 15 factor. I know I sound like a commercial right now, but it is truly good. Meggs gave me a whole bottle to myself and I was hap-py. You can check those products out for yourself here.

And today - The Boy is a happy one, having purchased the new slimline PS3. I'm ecstatic because he hired a game just because he knew I loved it; that being Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Its a mega insane fighting game, and it features Wonder Woman. My idea of the perfect date, having had the experience today, is just what we did - go for kebabs, hang out on the couch and versus Wonder Woman against every single competitor in the series (both Mortal Kombat and DC Universe), and make out in between fights. It was awesome! I even won exactly half the fights, so we both came out of the lenthy sesh in a pretty good mood. Make that really good, if you count the making out.

I'm in love.

Speaking of love, the Boy and I are about 4 days off our 2 yr 'Going Out' Anniversary. Is that worthy of mention? He's taking me to the beach and movies. Small, but we are saving money, and anyway, I know exactly how much he loves me without the big show. He shows me every day!

Anyway, I sign out here for now. Big update. Take all that in. And stay classy San Diego. I'll see you next year, by the way! xx OTIG

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fringe Girl is now my Middle Name - Apparently

Last week I got a haircut! - bit of a change. I went from the side-sweep fringe and side part that I've had for years, and went for a middle part and full frontal straight fringe (I must admit I had to envision Zooey Deschanel when my eyes squeezed closed for the big chop). I also had an eyebrow tint for the stronger brow look I've been wishing to encompass (a la Megan Fox, Camilla Belle, Wonderwoman). My roomy is going to box colour my hair the darkest its ever been, either today or tomorrow.

Will perhaps post pictures when it has grown into me a bit... xx OTIG