Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Don't get me wrong, I love my bed. But I love this one more. There will be one of these in my house as soon as I can get my grandpa to create me one. Actually, who needs a house when they've got a Bed-House? Ingenious.

Sweet dreams, ones xx OTIG

Eating Strawberries and Cream for Dinner

One of the best book series on the planet, and one you should definately read.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Autumn to Winter Musings

As I said before, we've had a cold snap and it really feels like winter's upon us, which is nice. I've had a really good past couple of weeks actually, even though I've been so busy I could hardly realise. I've made real headway at work - I've recently made proposals to my bosses which they've embraced, and I've been able to put huge improvements into play already! I might even be getting qualified soon, they've made me some really good offers and I'm seriously considering them. this will make it easier to get a job and career that I really want, when I move to the city.

My guitar is still in getting fixed, but my learning is coming along nicely. I don't know why it took me so long to really get it, because I've always wanted to be able to play. I guess I've been trying harder than before. Anyway, its much easier than I thought, just to strum a little tune along to accompany my singing. Obviously lead would be a lot more difficult so I leave that to M, who plays lead while I sing. We possibly decided on the weekend to call our duo Melbron Shuffle, as in a twist on the hip hop dance step. It's got both of our names in it. Yes, I can just see the drunk people trying to say that out loud. We always seem to pick tricky ones.

I got really inspired on the weekend, when we all went up to Rocky for my Boy's band; they had a gig up there at a bar that promotes up-and-coming local bands. It was fun and they did really well. Barb came too and we got drunk, went out and didn't get home til dawn. My poor bf had to sleep on the floor due to a mix-up with his accommodation, but he still had a pretty good weekend. He's my rocker boyfriend. On sunday we went to Yeppoon in the band van, and also to the movies - just us two. Then we had the best Quarter Pounder I've ever had (extra ketchup and onion), and drove all the way home while I slept with my head on his lap up in the front of the van. Bed that night, was amazing.

Other things I've been mulling over lately... tea parties, dreams, relationships.

Happy winter.

How did you fare at the Fair?

 On Friday night I had take-away chinese (which was delicious) and went with the BF and our good friends to our annual rural town Show. You can tell it is Show season because our town gets hit with a sudden, sharp cold snap the weekend before. So by the time the show rolls around, about an eighth of our community has a severe cold, but still goes along. Come the end of the Show, the whole community at large has a raging case of the Flu. But I still go anyway because I love it.

When I was little my whole family was very involved in the show. My mum was a Steward in the cookery section for a few years in a row, so we would get there early on Thursday morning - before the show is even open to the public - to put our entries in. Dad would enter his hay and sometimes a selection of grains he grew on our farm; Nan would put in her amazing scones and other assorted cookery, along with my Mum; My brothers would put in little craft items and pictures they had made; and my sister and I would enter little flower arrangements, cooking and sewing projects (that we had most likely finished around 12pm the night before).

How fun then, to skip around the whole show on a Thursday and look at everything with Dad before anybody else got to! Because we were home-schooled, we were allowed to take the whole day off when every other kid in town had to go to school til Friday, which was a public holiday. We would go around and look at all the animal and tractor displays, pat the prize bulls and wait while Dad talked to other farmers from the district. Then, at lunch, we'd sit up the top of the hill at the Eatery (which mum and I would go on to manage for a few years in a row), eat sandwiches and drink Orchy orange juice, and watch the carnival people set up the ferris wheel.

My favourite part of the whole show is being there so early that you can sit up on the hill and just watch the show wake up. The pony club people start to trot their ponies bareback around the paddock, the carnies start to trickle up to the Eatery for bacon and eggs, birds start to flit around excitedly, and vendors start to set up their tents and displays for the day. The fresh, crisp start of another show weekend.

A Carnie's Life for me. xx OTIG

Show Me The Monkey!

Mum bought this soundtrack for us as soon as it came out, and it is the cutest, most chilled out album on the planet. They're all by Jack Johnson, so you can be confident of love. You have to get your hot little monkey paws on this, pronto!

xx B

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cat the Cat

I have a cat. Well, he's not really mine, but I'm adopting him as my own. He's all black, exept for two tiny front white paws, and white back legs. He's also got a white bit on his soft chest, and he has shiny white whiskers. He looks exactly like Topsy the Cat, Milly-Molly-Mandy's cat.

The first time I saw him was outside work a few nights in a row. Every night for about 1 week, he'd be waiting out there for me when I finished work and came down the steps. Then, not last night but the night before, my friend and I went there for dinner and I decided that, should he be waiting when I came out, I was going to invite him over to my place for a saucer of milk and some strokes. Sure enough, there he was, patiently waiting for us. So we coaxed him home. He doeesn't like being picked up, but he didn't claw me when I tried. We gave him some milk on the patio and soon he was jumping all over us! We put him out at bedtime and washed our hands with soap, just in case.

Then last night, when I finished work, I came out and Cat was nowhere to be seen. I scouted around in the bushes for a little while but couldn't see him anywhere. I was a bit sad, but put a saucer of milk out on my path when I got home, just in case. He didn't show before bed, so we shut the glass door (its been a bit nippy lately), and turned out the lights.

At 6am, just as the Boy was getting up to leave, he quickly came back to my room, shook a rather groggy me and told me excitedly that my cat was outside after all, drinking the milk all up! And Cat was so excited to see us come out that he meowed non-stop for a minute, then just purred a lot. And I patted him for a while then went off to bed again as the sun was coming up. I think he'll be back!

In other news, my Personal Trainer gets back from holidays tonight and we've got our first session again tomorrow. I'm rather excited because I've been a bit slack while she's been away, but now I'll be fit again in no time. Get ready for some super workouts, body!

Have a lovely day! xx OTIG

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Splendour Bender

I'm going to Splendour and I'm going to see Florence Welch in real LIFE. Best 21st Birthday present EVER.

The Dog Days are over.
 xx OTIG

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

There are little tears trickling down my cheek.

I just discovered, upon the return of my boyfriend's computer from a serious update session, that all of my pictures from the last six months have been mislaid. Apparently I was supposed to be saving them to the external hard-drive, not just in the Pictures folder on Desktop. Mislaid, I believe, is the wrong word. Try gone forever. I can't let myself start thinking of specific pictures because if I can I will miss them more. This is a sad day.

Not completely sad though because I fortunately, finally made an appointment for a hair cut last week - and it is for today! I'm keeping it long yes, I'm afraid I've caved to the Boy in regards to my Camilla Belle hairstyle envy. Ohh to have shoulder length hair again, if just for something different. But I have to admit I do love my long dark tresses, and after all, we are coming into winter. Next spring I'll chop it off!

 xx OTIG

PS I might be getting a chef uniform (with pink buttons) to wear to work now, due to a recent promotion! I'm rather excited about this.