Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cat the Cat

I have a cat. Well, he's not really mine, but I'm adopting him as my own. He's all black, exept for two tiny front white paws, and white back legs. He's also got a white bit on his soft chest, and he has shiny white whiskers. He looks exactly like Topsy the Cat, Milly-Molly-Mandy's cat.

The first time I saw him was outside work a few nights in a row. Every night for about 1 week, he'd be waiting out there for me when I finished work and came down the steps. Then, not last night but the night before, my friend and I went there for dinner and I decided that, should he be waiting when I came out, I was going to invite him over to my place for a saucer of milk and some strokes. Sure enough, there he was, patiently waiting for us. So we coaxed him home. He doeesn't like being picked up, but he didn't claw me when I tried. We gave him some milk on the patio and soon he was jumping all over us! We put him out at bedtime and washed our hands with soap, just in case.

Then last night, when I finished work, I came out and Cat was nowhere to be seen. I scouted around in the bushes for a little while but couldn't see him anywhere. I was a bit sad, but put a saucer of milk out on my path when I got home, just in case. He didn't show before bed, so we shut the glass door (its been a bit nippy lately), and turned out the lights.

At 6am, just as the Boy was getting up to leave, he quickly came back to my room, shook a rather groggy me and told me excitedly that my cat was outside after all, drinking the milk all up! And Cat was so excited to see us come out that he meowed non-stop for a minute, then just purred a lot. And I patted him for a while then went off to bed again as the sun was coming up. I think he'll be back!

In other news, my Personal Trainer gets back from holidays tonight and we've got our first session again tomorrow. I'm rather excited because I've been a bit slack while she's been away, but now I'll be fit again in no time. Get ready for some super workouts, body!

Have a lovely day! xx OTIG

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