Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So Far Into Next Week!

How do I get so far in without having one moment to update my poor bloggy? Seriously, time is passing by faster and faster! I'm the busiest woman right now. It's Tuesday and I'm at the end of day two of my training at the Flight Center headquarters in St Kilda. I was lucky enough to score a small group - there's only six of us all up and we have a great trainer. I also feel incredibly lucky to have been placed in such a great store, with girls who took it upon themselves to show me the ropes whilst I was partaking in my first three days of in-store experience. I realise now how much I really benefitted from those three days, mostly thanks to Allana and the others. As a result I'm finding the things we've covered so far much easier than some of the others, as I already know many of the processes and quirks of our programs. Lucky me! Tomorrow is D-day though, we tackle the infamous Galileo... Flight Center's notorious flight and ticketing system. So let's see how I'm feeling tomorrow evening when I collapse after a big day of learning.

Anyway, back to last week. On Tuesday night I hung out with Adam, Brent and Shaggy... just a chilled evening with kebabs, greek bread and dips, three loads of washing, a game arcade, several games of squash and Boxsack, Call Of Duty and smoke. On Wednesday morning I had breakfast with Shaggy, morning tea with Kate Mac then raced to St Kilda to pick up my Flight Center contracts. Dinner at the pub with the boys (two-for-one parmies), then off home to bed.

Ohh, that's right - unfortunately Steve's Monday flight got cancelled at the very last minute and he was unable to come down for his visit! I was pretty devastated, but he has promised to get some proper holidays and pop down within the next two months. We were meant to go to Parkway Drive on Wednesday night, so now I had a spare ticket. That's how Brent, Shaggy and I ended up head-banging away late Wednesday night, after a big first day for me in-store. By the end of Thursday I was exhausted, and after a shameful dinner of greasy chicken I could be found on the floor of my room, on the phone to my mumma, half in tears and convinced I'd never make a dedicated enough travel agent. She told me to have a hot shower and go to bed, which I tearily did - and...

Friday was a much better day! Afterwards I caught up with Siobhan for a very rushed catch-up cider, then ran off to Friday Night AFL at the MCG with my older cousin Karl and his delightful girl, Sam. I was so excited to hang out with them and had a super night! Cider all round, crisp beautiful night weather under the huge lights of the Gee and hot chips in the fourth quarter. AND, I didn't have to jump off the train for the toilet on the way home (that's amazing).

On Saturday I got my fabulous little lavender party dress adjusted to fit my slimmer bod, and had a cosy toasted sandwich lunch with my Aunty Kate. Then, off I went on the train to Mornington. I do love a bit of weekend peninsula action! This time I was heading to a fancy 21st with Brent and Shaggy Sat night, and having a big family day for Adam's birthday on Sunday. Such fun - the first time we'd had the whole family together since I moved down and it was a hoot... ohh such good food. Those aunties certainly out-do themselves. Sunday night Brent and I drove back into the city very sleepily, but we had such a good weekend.

The other two amigos.

So that's basically been my week. Yes, I do a lot of things. I've even left some out, too. I like to say yes to absolutely everything I possibly can - because I'm a YES Woman! 

Have a fab week yourselves!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello New Shoes - Goodbye Blues.

On Tuesday I worked at Tweek until 4.

On Wednesday I woke late and hurriedly got some things together. I was meant to be meeting Kate Mac at Caulfield at 11 and Shaggy had been texting me asking me if I wanted to have drinks that night. This meant I'd be packing for a whole day and probably an overnight at the cousins'. Threw my pyjamas and toothbrush in my bag and took off down the hill towards the station. Finally got there, had good connections and settled to wait for my newest friendy, whilst squeezing in a sneaky cigarette and pretending I was wagging classes. Suddenly- a flash of blonde and there was little Kate Mac. Off we went for coffee and a huge vanilla slice. Brent showed up - he wanted to hit Chadstone and buy a winter coat. Half an hour later Kate went to class, with promises of another meeting soon (perhaps for beers at her beach box on the Peninsula?), and off we went.

Picked up Shaggy (no shoes as usual - frantic search of house ensuing), and piled into the Falcon, Chadstone bound. Dangerfield produced a suitable winter coat which, with a quick nod from me, Brent purchased and slung it over his arm. I do believe it was love at first sight; perhaps there's such a thing? Vans for me next - purchased in less than 5 minutes. Two cases of first sight love in one day? - you better believe it.

Somehow we also managed to end up with one lava lamp, a Soda Stream device and a soccer ball - purchased by Shaggy, Brent and myself respectively. Back to the car to drop off our mother load, then to the bowling alley. Two games! Strikes all round. 

The rest of it - that is, that night and this week in general - included not less than the following: Soccer in the street; a delicious raclet feast (like Switzerland!); finally hitting up Rooftop Bar - oh my goodness, so great; smoking bud via a shesha - there's a first for everything!; playing Paolo Nutini on the guitar and singing along (not to mention swooning); completing and posting my first interview article on What Would An Indie Girl Wear?, starring the lovely Lana Kington (read it here); getting progressively more excited as the day my friend Scubie visits me from QLD draws nearer (tomorrow - eep); eggs for breakfast more than three times; 4 dollar, 2 minute curries in the microwave; macking; red wine and cheese; living in bars off cider.

Not only 'not less' - probably much more, I just can't remember it all right now. Oh wait - Lancaster St boy texted me. A week and a day after getting my number out of me on the corner of my street (what a sneaky fellow, asking for a light!). He asked if I got home all right, due to the fact that it was Friday 13th, and would I like to go for coffee next weekend?

Maybe I would...

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Week In The Life Of Melbourne Bronni.

Monday 9 - Day off, big sleep in, random jobs, lunch at Tweek with Erin.

Tuesday 10 - Work at 7:30am, finish at 4pm. Met Brent in Caulfield at 6pm, met Shaggy, went back for home beers, Jager shots, hit the city, Eurotrash, named lighters, Mcdonalds, home at 4am.

Wednesday 11 - Up at 6:30 am to catch train home, work at 8:30am, finish at 4pm, meet Stevee on Collins at 5, Ponyfish Island, souvenirs, mission to Chapel st, Exhibition Square, dinner at Ponyfish Island, train home late falling asleep and paranoid.

Thursday 12 - Sleep in, miserable rainy day, get the train to Frankston at 4:30pm, get there 6:30pm, picked up by Brent, Aunty's for tea (salads) and tea, Uncle Dans for girl beers and boy beers, Shaggy's for pre-netball drinks, Netball, back to Shaggy's for house party and Osama themed drinking games, servo run, walk home high, beach at night, climbing trees, lying in bushes.

Friday 13 - Up at 12, phone calls with flight center, breakfast, Shaggy's, Fish n Chips and tartare at Mornington beach, trek to the Pillars, smashed by big wave on the cliffs, crazy seas, lookouts, accepted Flight Center job offer, Gunnerie lookout - Tasman, back to Mornington, train home by 8pm, again falling asleep.
(Note: Lancaster St boy took my number with vague promises of coffee sometime in the near future)

Saturday 14 - Up for work at 8:30am, letter from Samus, finish by 4pm, home, quickly get ready, dinner party at Erin's by 7:30pm, great fun, met Hilary, amazing house, open fire, dining room chatter and debates, red wine, white wine, patio cigarettes, Out, Strike bowling, Souvlaki, home by 3:30am.

Sunday 15 - Up at 11:30am, down the street for bacon and eggs and coffee with Erin, Arcadia Hotel for Big Buck Hunter practice and pool, left Erin, walked up Chapel to see Student Flights store, met Trent for coffee, walked the streets til dark (Bong-o-mania) then beers at La La Land in the red room. Home by 8pm, BED.

Monday Fun.

Letters to cool people and Flower Markets in the city. Monday fun!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Interviews, Hot Air Balloons and American Burgers.

For my first day at Tweek (Tuesday) I was up before the sun, dressed in my jeans, a black tee and my denim boaters. Grabbed a coffee, threw on my big scarf and coat and was off down the hill, keeping time to some sweet beats. I've turned into one of those iPod people - never saw that coming... I never take my earphones out anymore! As I walked up the hill on Church St my brain filled with a sense of achievement and elation - I was here precisely six months ago, when I made the big decision to move - imagining exactly what it would be like to walk these streets as my own. And now I was doing it, so I skipped a little bit from happiness and took a bite out of my breakfast sausage roll. Then I saw a big hot air balloon, rising above the trees and the city ready to greet the sunrise!

Yesterday I had my interview with Flight Center, in St Kilda. I think it went well, but I should know tomorrow if I'm up for a job or not. Not long to wait, which is mint. You should have seen my outfit - I looked quite the true corporate. My new heels are fabulous. Afterwards, I meant to pop in on S's hair appointment to say 'hey', but at the last minute it was cancelled, so I had tea on Toorak Rd at this retro American-style burger place that feels like the 50's. Fun! The burger was good, though the most exciting thing was that they sell Peanut Butter M n Ms! Eat your heart out, Samus (haha)! I bought three packets.

Caught the train home with all the business men and got right into my pyjamas the moment I arrived. Such a relief... these city moguls are tough! I'm going to be super skinny if I walk my hill like this every day. And I finished my book (The Host by Stephanie Meyer). It was really, really great - I highly recommend it. Don't hold the Twilight series against her; they were well written. I think she is an amazing writer. What an imagination! Freaks me out! Read it.

So if you're a Melbournite, contact me! I'd love to hear from you - we might meet. I'm so excited about this new start and I'm so ready for full steam ahead. I will experience everything and make every day count. I'm off now for a coffee and a sausage roll - probably my favourite food at the moment. Perfect weather for a soft sausage roll with tomato sauce, and a big chocolatey mocha.

Monday, May 02, 2011


What I'm listening to: Dominoes - The Big Pink. Many thanks to J.V. for showing me the light.

What I'm watching: Everyone's 'Osama Bin Laden digs' on Facebook... They just keep coming!

What I'm eating: Nothing right now, but I had a chicken and salad sandwich for dinner.

What I'm reading: The Host - Stephanie Meyer (freaky!) and What Would Jackie Do? - Shelley Branch and Sue Callaway

Where I'm going: To bed now, and to my new job at Tweek in the morning - first day!

What I'm wearing: My new, fully sic pair of Peter Alexander pyjamas - my 'welcome to Melbourne' present to myself.

What I'm wanting: Nothing. I'm as happy as pie in this city, and can't believe I'm here to stay :)

Today, South Yarra, Cousins.

It was South Yarra again today - to meet my honey cousin Erin for a jaunt to Como House where they are holding a fashion exhibition we were quite interested in seeing. As I was early for a change - having not missed any of my trains or trams (though I did accidentally catch an express train which took me one station too far), I took the opportunity to walk some of the streets for which I would have otherwise utilised a tram. The following pictures are the result of Toorak Rd on a slightly overcast, crisp Autumn morning; and Como Park for my first time, where they have an old wooden cat seat! You heard me right.

As I got off the train on my way home and was headed for the Big Hill, I also happened to witness a forklift falling off the back of a moving truck in almost peak hour traffic on Warrigal Rd. Unfortunate for the poor fellow driving, indeed. I then met one of my other cousins, Jess, for a coffee near my house. I am so lucky to have so many friends here already! I will never take living in Melbourne for granted.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The First Forty-Eight.

  1. Bought a black and cream woollen Poncho from Quick Brown Fox
  2. Watched the Royal Wedding with Siobhan
  3. Went to Billboard and saw Unkle live (super)
  4. Discovered Pear cider - Gypsy Brothers
  5. Lost ID and found it again
  6. Section 8, Robot, Melbourne Supper Club (tapas and red wine) - 4am home
  7. Said goodbye to my Dad and brother - back to QLD for them...
  8. Cried in exasperation at the ticket machine in the train station
  9. Met Erin for coffee with a raging hangover
  10. Purchased Panadol
  11. Felt a lot better!
  12. Met Edward
  13. Afternoon ciders at Trent's (Strawberry and Lime, oh yeah)
  14. Thai restaurant for tea - footsies on the floor under the table
  15. Did quite a number of cool bars on Chapel St (Mixed Berry)
  16. Smoked a certain herb acquired via a dodgy deal in the streets behind South Yarra - using a metro ticket stub for a filter
  17. Hung out on the balcony and talked deep into the night
  18. Crashed out on a couch and slept like a baby - caught train home in the morning

Pictures: Trent demonstrating his impeccable taste in music - new tunes! Schoolgirls on the corner of Toorak and Chapel - such cool style, and they're 12.