Monday, May 02, 2011

Today, South Yarra, Cousins.

It was South Yarra again today - to meet my honey cousin Erin for a jaunt to Como House where they are holding a fashion exhibition we were quite interested in seeing. As I was early for a change - having not missed any of my trains or trams (though I did accidentally catch an express train which took me one station too far), I took the opportunity to walk some of the streets for which I would have otherwise utilised a tram. The following pictures are the result of Toorak Rd on a slightly overcast, crisp Autumn morning; and Como Park for my first time, where they have an old wooden cat seat! You heard me right.

As I got off the train on my way home and was headed for the Big Hill, I also happened to witness a forklift falling off the back of a moving truck in almost peak hour traffic on Warrigal Rd. Unfortunate for the poor fellow driving, indeed. I then met one of my other cousins, Jess, for a coffee near my house. I am so lucky to have so many friends here already! I will never take living in Melbourne for granted.

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