Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello New Shoes - Goodbye Blues.

On Tuesday I worked at Tweek until 4.

On Wednesday I woke late and hurriedly got some things together. I was meant to be meeting Kate Mac at Caulfield at 11 and Shaggy had been texting me asking me if I wanted to have drinks that night. This meant I'd be packing for a whole day and probably an overnight at the cousins'. Threw my pyjamas and toothbrush in my bag and took off down the hill towards the station. Finally got there, had good connections and settled to wait for my newest friendy, whilst squeezing in a sneaky cigarette and pretending I was wagging classes. Suddenly- a flash of blonde and there was little Kate Mac. Off we went for coffee and a huge vanilla slice. Brent showed up - he wanted to hit Chadstone and buy a winter coat. Half an hour later Kate went to class, with promises of another meeting soon (perhaps for beers at her beach box on the Peninsula?), and off we went.

Picked up Shaggy (no shoes as usual - frantic search of house ensuing), and piled into the Falcon, Chadstone bound. Dangerfield produced a suitable winter coat which, with a quick nod from me, Brent purchased and slung it over his arm. I do believe it was love at first sight; perhaps there's such a thing? Vans for me next - purchased in less than 5 minutes. Two cases of first sight love in one day? - you better believe it.

Somehow we also managed to end up with one lava lamp, a Soda Stream device and a soccer ball - purchased by Shaggy, Brent and myself respectively. Back to the car to drop off our mother load, then to the bowling alley. Two games! Strikes all round. 

The rest of it - that is, that night and this week in general - included not less than the following: Soccer in the street; a delicious raclet feast (like Switzerland!); finally hitting up Rooftop Bar - oh my goodness, so great; smoking bud via a shesha - there's a first for everything!; playing Paolo Nutini on the guitar and singing along (not to mention swooning); completing and posting my first interview article on What Would An Indie Girl Wear?, starring the lovely Lana Kington (read it here); getting progressively more excited as the day my friend Scubie visits me from QLD draws nearer (tomorrow - eep); eggs for breakfast more than three times; 4 dollar, 2 minute curries in the microwave; macking; red wine and cheese; living in bars off cider.

Not only 'not less' - probably much more, I just can't remember it all right now. Oh wait - Lancaster St boy texted me. A week and a day after getting my number out of me on the corner of my street (what a sneaky fellow, asking for a light!). He asked if I got home all right, due to the fact that it was Friday 13th, and would I like to go for coffee next weekend?

Maybe I would...

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  1. Mega cute and comfy looking!