Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So Far Into Next Week!

How do I get so far in without having one moment to update my poor bloggy? Seriously, time is passing by faster and faster! I'm the busiest woman right now. It's Tuesday and I'm at the end of day two of my training at the Flight Center headquarters in St Kilda. I was lucky enough to score a small group - there's only six of us all up and we have a great trainer. I also feel incredibly lucky to have been placed in such a great store, with girls who took it upon themselves to show me the ropes whilst I was partaking in my first three days of in-store experience. I realise now how much I really benefitted from those three days, mostly thanks to Allana and the others. As a result I'm finding the things we've covered so far much easier than some of the others, as I already know many of the processes and quirks of our programs. Lucky me! Tomorrow is D-day though, we tackle the infamous Galileo... Flight Center's notorious flight and ticketing system. So let's see how I'm feeling tomorrow evening when I collapse after a big day of learning.

Anyway, back to last week. On Tuesday night I hung out with Adam, Brent and Shaggy... just a chilled evening with kebabs, greek bread and dips, three loads of washing, a game arcade, several games of squash and Boxsack, Call Of Duty and smoke. On Wednesday morning I had breakfast with Shaggy, morning tea with Kate Mac then raced to St Kilda to pick up my Flight Center contracts. Dinner at the pub with the boys (two-for-one parmies), then off home to bed.

Ohh, that's right - unfortunately Steve's Monday flight got cancelled at the very last minute and he was unable to come down for his visit! I was pretty devastated, but he has promised to get some proper holidays and pop down within the next two months. We were meant to go to Parkway Drive on Wednesday night, so now I had a spare ticket. That's how Brent, Shaggy and I ended up head-banging away late Wednesday night, after a big first day for me in-store. By the end of Thursday I was exhausted, and after a shameful dinner of greasy chicken I could be found on the floor of my room, on the phone to my mumma, half in tears and convinced I'd never make a dedicated enough travel agent. She told me to have a hot shower and go to bed, which I tearily did - and...

Friday was a much better day! Afterwards I caught up with Siobhan for a very rushed catch-up cider, then ran off to Friday Night AFL at the MCG with my older cousin Karl and his delightful girl, Sam. I was so excited to hang out with them and had a super night! Cider all round, crisp beautiful night weather under the huge lights of the Gee and hot chips in the fourth quarter. AND, I didn't have to jump off the train for the toilet on the way home (that's amazing).

On Saturday I got my fabulous little lavender party dress adjusted to fit my slimmer bod, and had a cosy toasted sandwich lunch with my Aunty Kate. Then, off I went on the train to Mornington. I do love a bit of weekend peninsula action! This time I was heading to a fancy 21st with Brent and Shaggy Sat night, and having a big family day for Adam's birthday on Sunday. Such fun - the first time we'd had the whole family together since I moved down and it was a hoot... ohh such good food. Those aunties certainly out-do themselves. Sunday night Brent and I drove back into the city very sleepily, but we had such a good weekend.

The other two amigos.

So that's basically been my week. Yes, I do a lot of things. I've even left some out, too. I like to say yes to absolutely everything I possibly can - because I'm a YES Woman! 

Have a fab week yourselves!

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