Sunday, June 05, 2011

So Snug In Bed And Cosy.

It's 11:45pm Saturday night and I'm home from a big night, out all freshly showered and so cosy wrapped up in my pyjamas in bed. This week has been gigantic - I was so happy to see Friday come, although it meant we had our first assessment for training to knock out of the way before we could go and drink many beers (which is the purpose of Fridays, no?). Luckily, and much to my surprise, I passed with flying colours. I actually knew what I was doing! Good feeling. Unfortunately not all the people in my class did so well, but hopefully they do well next week.

So we poured out of the headquarters and into the crisp air on St Kilda road, before catching a tram in to Flinders St. Upon arrival I dragged my two best training buddies, Julia and Emma, to my favourite haunt down on the river - oh yes, we hit the Ponyfish! I love that place, and so did they (I knew they would: as if you couldn't love an adorable little bar underneath a footbridge that runs over the Yarra, which serves big, cold pints of cider and mulled wine, and has those warm outdoor heaters, and plays the most awesome chilled out music on the planet). Emma had to run after one beer, but Ju and I stayed on, until we excitedly emerged and headed up into the city. Two bars and a couple of hours later (Rooftop - oh yeah!), we were scoffing McDonalds as we tore towards Spencer St Station to meet her kiwi buddie who came to spend the weekend. So anyway, I ended up catching one of the last trains home for a well deserved sleep-in. I could hardly remember what it felt like: good.

So today then, Saturday, I got up late, vacuumed my room and caught the train into Richmond to get my mail, visit Tweek and get my hair done. I haven't walked to a salon in about... 9 months? It was so good, I love my new hairdresser, Laurelle. She did the most fantastic job and I'll definitely go back. I can't believe I'm happy with a hairdresser! They usually really shit me.

Anyway, success. I had to race home though, because Jess was coming to pick me up at 5:30pm to go to a dance cabaret she was performing in for her dance school. We bought these tickets for 60 dollars a few weeks ago, and it was so great. The meal was absolutely insane: Pumpkin soup, Greek salads, marinated roast vegetables and chicken breast stuffed with camembert and spinach on mash with pepper sauce, and chocolate mousse for desert. I know. Jess and Sarah danced very well and I met new friends, some of Jess's from uni. Caught the train home and here I am. I am going to sleep like a log tonight.

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