Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shoes, Snooze and Tattoos

I'd give anything to be able to wear anything I want, anyway I want, to my job every day. I can't wait to work for myself.

Melbourne, Paramore, October

It's 5:05am and its still dark outside, but I can hear a rooster crowing in the chilly, misty morning. My poor boy left for work about 15 minutes ago. I'm so glad I don't have to get up that early today - I don't start til 8. I've been getting inspired at really strange times lately, like at work yesterday afternoon when I was looking for some good seasonings in our dry store. Not because it was inspiring work, just because I thought of some things that I like, in my head. I was making a nut mix for the bar, at the time. I never get as much time as I'd like to post on here, so I need to do it whenever I can, no matter how strange a time it is.

SO! I have tickets coming out of my ears. And now Paramore are touring in October, and I'm going to witness them in my favourite city, taking a small break and seeing my mumma at the same time. I think I might head down by mself... I can't wait to travel and fly again, and be in my Melbourne and love everything about it, without having to drag the boys everywhere I want to go (even though last time was ridiculously fun, so maybe if they show a little inkling they want to come, I might let them). Darling mum is coming over the channel for a few days to see me, so we'll have the best girls' weekend ever, staying at the hostel on Church St (which is ridiculously close to my favourite cafe in Melbs, where I intend to go for breakfast every second day). And I'll see my cousins J and S.

While in Melbourne I mean to visit theChanel boutique, smuggle sticky gingerbread into coffee shops to nibble on while drinking my coffee, ride on trams, do the Victoria Markets (crusty bread, cheese, salami and fresh, fruit yogurt for breakfast, washed down with a mocha on the crowded sidewalk), find and purchase the customary skull scarf (tradition), try on a lot of pretty frocks and invest in a fresh batch of brand new, cotton, thigh-high socks. How can anyone not love Melbourne?

The Boy's parents are away this week, and without giving too much away, we are having a smashing time sleeping in their water bed. Water beds are so old-school, but so, so snuggly - you would not believe. Its pretty fun. There are also not a lot of nicer things than flanelette sheets, because they are soft and snuggly and isn't it just the hardest thing ever to try and get out of them of a morning?

Excuse me while I go and fetch myself a coffee. xxOTIG

Friday, June 25, 2010

Disposable Memories



The excitement of getting an old disposable camera developed after you've completly forgotten what is on it, is great :) OTIG

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A couple of things:

I know its been round for ages, and I've loved it for ages, but I'm posting because I'm excited about nude. And pink-nude. I love the YSL colour below, it epitomizes every element I've ever wanted in a nude lipstick. Now to save. Oh, and the heels are delicious too, no?

Next, I've been looking into a new vocation/enterprise, because everybody likes cotton candy. That's right. I want to buy a commercial fairy floss machine and travel around to all the fabulous festivals on the east coast, selling freshly spun sugar and bringing an old school delight to poor minions who have never experienced the real thing (shock horror!). Don't steal my idea!


Otherwise... lately I've been fiddling round with the idea that I am actually capable of saving relatively larger amounts of money. Last week was a bit awful. I have been really uninspired. I haven't been able to do much due my dedication to paying off my Splendour ticket and saving as much money as I can - but I did manage to go out with my friends on Thursday night and get rather plastered.

Also, I also haven't had a lot of time to play around with my clothes. Add to this the recent cold weather and a lack of storage for my beloved clothes and, I'm ashamed to say, my style has been suffering a little.But hopefully, tomorrow I can travel to the city and buy a few more warm things, and I'll also pay some small visits to thrift shops as well to try and pick up a few interesting tit bits. My treat! I just want to travel down creative road again.

Not long until my 21st birthday. I'm getting ridiculously excited, but I'm putting off planning for as long as I can - so I can savour it when the time comes! I love planning. Right now my ideas include: copious amounts of soft, sweet profiteroles, tiny meatballs dipped in sweet chilli and sour cream, boiled cheerios served with tomato sauce (and plenty of double dipping!), sweet corny and sour creamy hot pumpkin soup with crusty bread rolls and melting butter, dough-boy dampers cooking on sticks and filling up with sticky golden syrup, and the biggest, tastiest, most fingerlickin' Birthday Cake this planet has ever beheld. All this on a breezy, chilly beach, with big hot bonfires and cosy Indian tee-pees.We will spend the long weekend lazing about in our Bali house and daring the boys to surf in the icy waves.

And the weekend after that I'll be packing up my camping things and heading down to Woodford for Splendour with my cousin and P, two of my favourite people in the world! Its going to be fun! I hope - cos it will be for the whole weekend!

Oh! Shortly I will be coming into ownership of the much coveted 4G iPhone. My current 24 month CAP plan with Telstra comes up end of August, and after that, I'll be the proud owner. I can't wait, and I'm happy because it actually means I'll be spending less money, as I'll be able to drop back down to a cheaper plan - with more! Check out Telstra's new CAP plans... I can't see how anyone can live without one - they are so jam-packed with calling, texting, data goodness.

And last, but not least (for this post anyway), I bought more tickets two days ago. Tickets are very often my downfall. But I can afford them cos I've really been good with my cash! Anyway, they are to see Parkway Drive in September, when they tour the east coast for their new album. They are going to be great - one of the few hardcore bands I like. I like them because I feel safe because knowing they aren't massive tattooed freaky men: they are rad surfer dudes, just like us! And they are from Byron. So that will be awesome too. Come September! Oh, and I'm seeing Powderfinger on their farewell tour in October as well. I actually feel really lucky now! Lots of things to look forward too.

Writing this has made me feel really happy. I have to do this more often.

Yours, OTIG

PS. GO THE BLOODY MAROONS! Even though they didn't need the rousting - as if NSW is going to win Origin.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Weeks like Weeks

Ohh man! Well, I wanted to write this because I've not got long to post, but I have been so busy that I haven't been able to maintain my blog baby. And I just wanted to state that I've been working my butt off in my tri-weekly workout sessions with my PT, and I am finally at the stage of seeing results. I am ridiculously excited because I've never actually stuck with exercise long enough to notice much of a difference. But this - this is amazing, and so fun to watch. And the best part is I haven't really had to change my diet at all... I never ate terribly badly, but I am not one to pass up a treat. Now, if I have a treat, I just remember it at my workout the next day and it makes me work even harder, and I find I have the best sesh ever!

So if you're thinking about changing something about your body or life - you can do it, because I can!