Sunday, June 26, 2011

Three Week's Recap, Bloody Bloody.

Wow, what a momentous few weeks. It is just ridiculous how busy this woman has been. In an effort to fill you all in on happenings, let me try and sub it all down into a few paragraphs (this will be interesting).

So, three weekends ago (my goodness, I can't believe its been this long, I'm so sorry - you must have missed me. Anyway, let me continue -) I went home exhausted from a week of insane Flight Centre training. It's hard work, so I stayed in on Friday night (10 Jun) and made a point of sleeping in until 12 on Saturday morning. 

That's where the laziness finished and the fun began again: Saturday evening (11 Jun) I met Siobhan at the fun end of Chapel and we proceeded with beers to her friends home for pre dinner ones. Here we met up with Philly and Adam (two lovely boys - hey boys!) before going for dinner on Chapel and psyching ourselves up for the huge night ahead - my fabulous debut into the world of the Grayhound. This place is amazing... recently refurbished and packed to capacity, I've never seen so many beautiful people in one place. I didn't get hit on once (that was nice, actually). They had shows and insane music, and I had a fantastic time. I may have closed my mouth once. If you want to know more about that night, you'll need to get me drunk and talk me into it. Even then, I'll probably just drag you there (no pun intended), because I really have no words.

I found myself trotting homewards down Chapel at around 10am Sunday morning (12 Jun - I'd had about 4 hours sleep), made one stop for salami, camembert, turkish bread and a coffee at the Prahran markets, then trained it home. But guess what - this was Queen's birthday weekend: I had Monday off and therefore the fun had only just began. Sunday evening found me in Belle's car with herself and Shaggy - off to the Penince again!

The Ash from Chilean Volcano that screwed shit up for the Melbourne Airport, big time!

We lit a fire in Shaggy's living room, built the most incredible cubby ever (utilising blankets, a clothes rack and some pegs), installed a red light I scrounged from Shaggy's bedroom (classic Shaggy) and got boozed while we waited for Brent to finish work. The rest of the night included a Youtube Tiesto mix, a session in the sauna, and a very comfortable cubby sleep for Brent and I. You haven't slept until you've slept in a cubby.

On Monday morning (13 Jun), Belle and I found ourselves home alone at Shaggy's, so (after I terrorised the cat a little bit, out of boredom), we grabbed snacks and went straight to the beach. The bay was beautiful, but the water was deceiving - I took my tights off and dipped in a toe. I couldn't feel that toe for the rest of the day... but that's ok. Then Brent took us back to the Pillars so I could see it on a nice day, and we clambered around on the rocks like the happy little kids we are. We have such fun!

Back at Shaggy's, we entertained ourselves for a good two hours by playing hide and seek. I am proud to say I'm the reigning champion. I managed to squish myself into a tiny wicker clothes hamper, and into the top shelf of the linen cupboard in the hallway - rendering myself pretty much invisible for 20 minutes. Brent learnt to look up, and that I can pretty much fit anywhere (as long as it's before lunch).

Shaggy got home from work, we had a sandwich feast for lunch, partook in one more game of H and S, then Brent and I road-tripped home late whilst listening to sic jams and unintentionally annoying old men who reminded us of Santa. That night I even managed to trip into the city for a delicious risotto dinner with Siobhan, Ciaran and Taina (and saw the new baby!). 

That was my Queen's Birthday weekend. Happy birthday, Queen!

On Tuesday (14 Jun), it was back to training, but I had a super day and was feeling pretty good when I hopped on the train to go meet the boys at Caulfield for 5 dollar pints and some procrastigambling. I sat opposite a little old lady on the train (Here I need to add that, on Wednesday the week before I had texted MX News with a little 'Overheard' titbit, in the hope that they would find it hilarious and publish me). I convinced said little old lady to let me have her MX so I could have a hopeful little squiz. 

I got published! I was in MX! Needless to say, the little old lady felt obliged to let me keep her MX, and I was a ball of excitement when I finally got to the pub and met up with the boys. What a laugh.

This one's called 'The Tulip'.

Wednesday (15 Jun) was State of Origin. I got drunk, and skyped the whole time with people from home. Victorians don't really appreciate the Origin concept (they just feel a bit left out, I think), so I spent the whole time laughing til tears ran with cool uncle Lionel, Patty and their new chef kid Isaac. Good night.

Friday (17 Jun) rolled around, and Julia Goolia, myself and the rest of my class were relieved to learn that we were done with training, and had passed with flying colours. Ohh yeah. Cause enough for beers - so we hit up Ponyfish Island right away... then New Guernica, the Carlton and Spice Market. Spice Market was fun, though we couldn't stay long. I'll be back there again for sure.

As the night drew to a close, I said bye to Julia Goolia and her buddy Lauren at Flinders Station and hopped on one of the last trains. Unfortunately there was a bit of an incident on the way home - I was just sitting there with my beanie pulled down over my ears and my headphones in, and the next thing I knew I was on the floor of the train next to a girl who had collapsed and was unconscious, stiff and had stopped breathing. My brain went blank - I could not remember CPR from high school so I was yelling at people to help. No-one knew what to do, but we were pulling up at a station so a boy hit the emergency stop button while I tried turning the girl on her side to get her breathing again. Thank fuck she woke up, I don't know what I would have done. She had totally lost control of all bodily functions and I felt so bad for her. We finally got her off the train and called the ambulance, but not before she had spewed all over the station and started coming to properly... I was right next to her the whole time trying to get her relaxed. We got back on the train once the ambulance turned up and I'd talked to her parents to let them know what had happened. Needless to say, I was no longer tipsy. There's nothing like someone nearly dying in front of you to help sober you up!

Saturday morning (18 Jun) was spent in bed again, but at 5 that evening I was tearing back down the hill to the station, late for my train to meet Stevee Eves in the city. I did my 1 klm hill in 4 minutes, in only stockings - no shoes. But I made that train! We had a great night up at Rooftop bar above Cookie's - just stayed there the whole night talking about Gen Y and careers and growing up. We met Prue at 10pm when she finished work, and I left them at Flinder's again, this time hopping on a train to Windsor Station - hello Chapel Street!

I was meant to be meeting Trentos after his football dinner (it was his last night before he went to Mt Hotham for the season), but I had a bit of time to kill. Out came the pocket flats, and my heels went under a bucket in a back alley close to his place. Adventure time! I helped a couple find a bar called Warehouse that I didn't even know existed, shared cigarettes and stories with boys on the street and peeked in the windows of the salsa bar to watch people dancing. That's my true Melbourne. Answering to no-one.

Trent finally caught up with me and we went back to his place for wine and drinks with his lovely flatmates. All in all, a fabulous night. It was really great - I just love all my friends.

So then SUNDAY (19 Jun), all I did was chill in the courtyard with Kate and drink wines and unwind before my first official week as a fully fledged, novice travel consultant. And that is the week I've just finished. Oh yes people, I have a million and one more stories for you. Tune in... I'll be back this week with more.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good Morning Chapel St

I love you and can't wait to see you tomorrow morning :)

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Some of Rummey's Favourites.

Random dude sits down next to me with his food.
Dude: Nice beanie.
Me: Thanks man! I wear it everywhere, even to bed.
Dude: *nods in mutual appreciation* I don't blame you.

PS my new hair:


So Snug In Bed And Cosy.

It's 11:45pm Saturday night and I'm home from a big night, out all freshly showered and so cosy wrapped up in my pyjamas in bed. This week has been gigantic - I was so happy to see Friday come, although it meant we had our first assessment for training to knock out of the way before we could go and drink many beers (which is the purpose of Fridays, no?). Luckily, and much to my surprise, I passed with flying colours. I actually knew what I was doing! Good feeling. Unfortunately not all the people in my class did so well, but hopefully they do well next week.

So we poured out of the headquarters and into the crisp air on St Kilda road, before catching a tram in to Flinders St. Upon arrival I dragged my two best training buddies, Julia and Emma, to my favourite haunt down on the river - oh yes, we hit the Ponyfish! I love that place, and so did they (I knew they would: as if you couldn't love an adorable little bar underneath a footbridge that runs over the Yarra, which serves big, cold pints of cider and mulled wine, and has those warm outdoor heaters, and plays the most awesome chilled out music on the planet). Emma had to run after one beer, but Ju and I stayed on, until we excitedly emerged and headed up into the city. Two bars and a couple of hours later (Rooftop - oh yeah!), we were scoffing McDonalds as we tore towards Spencer St Station to meet her kiwi buddie who came to spend the weekend. So anyway, I ended up catching one of the last trains home for a well deserved sleep-in. I could hardly remember what it felt like: good.

So today then, Saturday, I got up late, vacuumed my room and caught the train into Richmond to get my mail, visit Tweek and get my hair done. I haven't walked to a salon in about... 9 months? It was so good, I love my new hairdresser, Laurelle. She did the most fantastic job and I'll definitely go back. I can't believe I'm happy with a hairdresser! They usually really shit me.

Anyway, success. I had to race home though, because Jess was coming to pick me up at 5:30pm to go to a dance cabaret she was performing in for her dance school. We bought these tickets for 60 dollars a few weeks ago, and it was so great. The meal was absolutely insane: Pumpkin soup, Greek salads, marinated roast vegetables and chicken breast stuffed with camembert and spinach on mash with pepper sauce, and chocolate mousse for desert. I know. Jess and Sarah danced very well and I met new friends, some of Jess's from uni. Caught the train home and here I am. I am going to sleep like a log tonight.