Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nights at Home...

A funny, ice-cream-milo-and-milk weeknight at home... and experimentation with headscarves. This is not a post on my fashion blog for a reason!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Blue House

Boo! Long time no post. I'm sorry but you'll have to suck that up. Don't fret though, because as a little treat I'm going to go all Selby on your ass and post some pictures of...

And yes, it's very blue. I live in RENTAL, ok, so it's not mine to paint.

The Kitchen Sink

Please note my awesome towels through the window. Nice clean sink (sorry - poor quality)

That's right - they're my kitchen shelves. Removed glass sliders for convenience.

ALF cup (special mention), and sweet blackboard. MY kitchen, one day, will have full walls of blackboard.

My fridge knows what's important in life.

As you can see, the Kitchen Bed has become rather a permanent fixture.

My Dolls-shelf-book-house. Secret massive crush on this piece of furniture.

I have a million books.
Well, lots.
Book Report Assignment from back when I was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper.

My sweet PYE. This is about to be all packed up nice, ready to move. I don't use it too often, for preservation.
The Lounge Room

For comfort - these babies cannot be contested. Best sat on when baked, or very drunk.

Magazines, childhood memories and... the Weed Turtle

The entrance to the Cave

Mm incense, and kid friendies. We were kids in high school, no?

Collage by my bestie Bop. Made for my 17th birthday. Love you Bop xx

Dark Bathroom

Sweet Mug

Doily (for assistance in keeping cupboard door closed) and sweet bath towel.

My delicious scarves (how I love thee so)

Polished Polish (this is not even all of them. Maybe I am a girly Girl)

Outdoor Settee (given to me by the Boy, Christmas '09) 

Candle Lanterns also a present - Melbell, my 21st

Gnomey <3


Images by Me, with love.

One of my best friends is three and a half weeks off popping a baby out! I'm so excited, and went over there today to catch up, drink coffee and check out their new house. Her tum moves and rolls with the baby and it's so amazing to feel. There's just something about those tums isn't there? People can't help a little pat, no matter how weird they feel the concept is... there's a little alive thing in there?

(or maybe thats just me.)

I thought of SO many things to blog as I was cleaning the house today. If only you could blog straight from your brain to the internet. On second thoughts - actually no, unless the set-up had a foolproof drafting feature. My goodness wouldn't that be a spectacle.

Oh, ok, here you go! I went to the beach with my family last week, for one night and two days. We had fun, except for my eldest brother who is a misery and stayed in the car almost the whole time for petty reasons. I shopped a lot. I found the coolest, beyond floor length, chambray hippie skirt you can imagine - and haven't stopped wearing it. It needs a bit of a wash. But it doesn't matter because it's so HIPPIE. I also discovered a five dollar book sale, emerging half an hour later with forty dollars worth of books (I can feel the weight of those moving boxes stacking up already!), but shipped two of those off to my bestie, Bop, the next day - topics covering Marilyn and Sharks - in which areas she is hugely consumed. So she'll enjoy them sometime this week, hopefully. 

Most of the Queensland floods have subsided and their resulting consequences are being attended too, although now poor Victoria is bearing the brunt (I say poor Victoria because, very soon, that will be the state I call home - eep!). My hometown was very lucky and was, for once in it's history, the most desirable place in Queensland to live - due to its lack of severe flood damage. We almost got off scott-free. Actually, no, we were a bit worried about running out of toilet paper after Brisbane went under, but we managed to get by. 

I think thats about all. Except that we got baked yesterday and watched Cool Runnings again... that movie will never cease to be the most awesome piece of film that ever graced the planet, I swear. That was cool.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Cool Stuff.

Hey all! Well in the new year I'm all inspired and fresh; not just cos it's the new year - just cos I've found the most amazing bunch of blogs and things over the last couple of days and they are just blowing my mind. So I've resolved to do a better job on my own bloggies. There are several new things I'll be introducing in the next few weeks, and hopefully they will make visits a heap more interesting for your pretty faces!

So I thought I'd kick off this year with a post of brand new things that I think are cool, ci?

This ridiculously photographic family, headed by the beautiful *miss* James. Well, actually her blog, BLEUBIRD. LOVE.

Can't decide whether or not to add your parents? Follow this simple chart. Cheers Failbook.

This is fucking cool - this girl decided she would buy a 1970's Winnebago and just... drive around America and visit buddies, with her little dog and bike. WHAT UP. That is the coolest ever. Read her awesome (also style) blog here, at Delightfully Tacky. More like... delightfully awesome.

BLING. Need I say more? Oh except... vintage... nice. (img sourced

 (img sourced

Ponchos = Hippie Love. As my buddie Eman would say: An appreciation for the Lifestyle!
 (img sourced

Want one! Sweet decals for your Mac here.

Bear Grylls. The next Chuck Norris. YOU WAIT! (my own image)

Hoping you're having a lovely year so far. More to come xx B