Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Cool Stuff.

Hey all! Well in the new year I'm all inspired and fresh; not just cos it's the new year - just cos I've found the most amazing bunch of blogs and things over the last couple of days and they are just blowing my mind. So I've resolved to do a better job on my own bloggies. There are several new things I'll be introducing in the next few weeks, and hopefully they will make visits a heap more interesting for your pretty faces!

So I thought I'd kick off this year with a post of brand new things that I think are cool, ci?

This ridiculously photographic family, headed by the beautiful *miss* James. Well, actually her blog, BLEUBIRD. LOVE.

Can't decide whether or not to add your parents? Follow this simple chart. Cheers Failbook.

This is fucking cool - this girl decided she would buy a 1970's Winnebago and just... drive around America and visit buddies, with her little dog and bike. WHAT UP. That is the coolest ever. Read her awesome (also style) blog here, at Delightfully Tacky. More like... delightfully awesome.

BLING. Need I say more? Oh except... vintage... nice. (img sourced weheartit.com)

 (img sourced weheartit.com)

Ponchos = Hippie Love. As my buddie Eman would say: An appreciation for the Lifestyle!
 (img sourced weheartit.com)

Want one! Sweet decals for your Mac here.

Bear Grylls. The next Chuck Norris. YOU WAIT! (my own image)

Hoping you're having a lovely year so far. More to come xx B

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  1. I love all those rings so much!