Thursday, April 29, 2010

Indisposable Love

♥ Oooey Zooey ♥

Well wow.

So, I will give you an update into my fitness foray, because I feel authorised and pressed to do so following my third session yesterday afternoon. I feel really good; actually I feel freaking fabulous. I've only had three sessions and I already feel like a newer version of myself! Where before my energy levels would peak and drop as often as Gordon Brown's attitude changes, they have - in the last few days - stayed at a consistent and productive level all day; making it easier to get things done and allowing me to feel more in control of daily productivity.

On the first day, Friday, we did circuits up at the football fields. It was earlier than I am usually active, and it was hard to get in the zone. But my goodness, what an extreme workout, and I'm rather proud to say that I spewed at the end, having given 110%. Yes, a bit shocking but so worth it - I felt amazing when I got home and had a hot shower. I spent the rest of the day moving around in a vain attempt to ward off sore muscles the next day.

By Monday, almost all of my muscles were in full working order again and had stopped hurting completely. So on Tuesday we went out again, this time on an interval walk. Walk really hard and fast, then break into a run, then walk again, and backwards up Suicide Hill (that used muscles I didn't even realise existed). Then a fast walk home. About a 40 minute session.

Then yesterday, Tuesday, off to the gym to work on my legs and back. I wasn't sore at all from Monday and by now I was starting to feel the positive effects of all the exercise, so I was feeling really fresh, energised and ready for a tough workout again. It was so good - we did so many different exercises and hit so many parts of my body in just one hour, and I walked out with the wobbliest legs. Another hot shower later and my body is so switched on and alert, and the Boy thinks he can see and feel the difference already!

I definately feel like I'm well on the way to doing this properly, and finally getting really toned up, fit and healthy. I just can't believe what a difference the exercise has made already, and that I never thought that putting this effort in could be so worth it. Having a Personal Trainer has hugely influenced my view of exercise, I actually look forward to and get excited about it! Absolutely, sincerely worth the money.

Next, I will be concentrating on eating well, because I've only just started on that area. There will be a lot of fruit, veges and salads in the coming week I think!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You can't know the thrill of snapping up one of those.

Today is my day off, and I'm enjoying it a lot. First - roll out of bed at a slightly heinious 10am... I didn't mean to sleep in. But it was nice, so I did. I make a cup of tea, tidy the kitchen after the hasty departure of my brother to his work, and tuck myself into the couch for a little morning television with the fresh sun streaming through my open front door. I wait until I've seen the morning news, then hop up, put a load of washing on and try on one of my favourite little dresses, then its off to Vinnies for my routine check for anything that could possibly resemble a bargain.

I walk out 15minutes later laden down with - a vintage crystal punch bowl (only 11 cups - but only 8 dollars), a lovely soft cashmere pink cardigan (full size, not crop), 3 matching mugs with little floral patterns (but different colours and 40c each), a funny Alf plastic mug as a surprise for my brother (its really ugly in a funny way), and two queen size flannelette sheet sets for winter - one for each of us. All up 14 dollars.


Then its off to the shops, with two rolls of film to be developed. Paid the rent, found disposable cameras on rediculous sale in Woolworths (only 4 dollars each!) and said hello to my brother. I love using disposable cameras, because when they are developed they are more predictable than my Diana, but still have the raw vignetting and darker frames round the edges. Delightful pictures, and on their way into my hot little hands!

Back for more later - so keep your hats on! xx OTIG

Thursday, April 22, 2010

21st Birthday Bash

I have decided that, for my impending 21st in July, I will be taking a house in Agnes Waters for a long weekend and holding an all day, classy, Cowboys n Indians themed bash on a nearby secluded beach. Afternoon beers, huge bonfires, cosy teepees and hot tasty nibblies on the beach in winter. It will most likely be too cold to go in the water, but I don't mind - there's just something about the beach in winter that I love. We will have plenty of warm snuggly things to keep us warm. Everybody I've told so far has loved the idea.

I just fell in love with the idea, even more so after I was inspired by a one year old's party of the same theme. His mother is beautiful and a genius and has the sweetest blog called Ché and Fidel. I really hope she doesn't mind that I borrowed her picture!

Holly Hobbie

I subscribed to Grazia today. It feels good because I saved a lot of money at the newsstand, and I know I would have bought all those issues anyway. And now I get weekly magazine mail! Magazines have morphed into my main source of entertainment - with my recent money scrounging keeping me mostly in-house and away from temptations. They are good; they keep me updated on topics that interest me, I can cut the pictures out and stick them in my style book, and they inspire me to try new things. So basically, my list of hobbies sticks at:

...Blogging - this blog is like my diary. Hopefully the Internet never crashes and loses all its information so I can come back when I'm 50 and take note of my style insights

...Reading Magazines (aforementioned benefits)

...Playing with my clothes - washing them, pressing them, trying them on, displaying them, loving them

...Learning French and practicing songs on my guitar (which is in getting fixed at the moment)

...Training with my personal trainer S (we have our very first session tomorrow morning - I'm so excited)

Oh oh, and check out this picture of Peaches in the cutest playsuit you have ever clapped eyes on. I love playsuits, but, as with a lot of things, I am yet to find the perfect one. As far as I'm concerned there is nothing bad about this outfit. The playsuit, the stockings, the leather jacket, the shoes, the bag - all perfect together. Why does Peaches receive so much bad press? They are cruel Peaches, forget them.

You know I love you xx OTIG

Monday, April 19, 2010

Change is good - no matter how poor you are, you'll always have change.

Life has been fairly sweet this week. I've been home from my trip one week tomorrow and I miss everyone badly, but I'm grateful that I at least got to see them last week. So I've just been keeping busy with work. On the weekend I catered for a wedding - my first ever solo flight as a caterer; I used to do it with mum. It was incredibly stressful, as the bride's planning skills were a bit sketchy (understatement of year.) and not everything was going to plan. But we got through handsomely with the help of my brother, who luckily had come with me to wash up for a little extra cash. Thanks bro!

In other areas, my life is about to change fairly dramatically - I now have a personal trainer. Yes, I've taken the plunge to invest someone who is going to guide me on the road to a fabulous body. Why didn't I think of this before? I know its going to be hard work, but I'm just going to DO this, because I need to show myself that I can. I've been so lazy in areas of exercise and effort in regard to health and now my body will have the opportunity come into its own. Good body, don't worry, I will take extra nice care of you now!

Write soon. Must take movies back to store before they are late. Awful overdues! xx OTIG

Release the Advertorials Lavazza la Luna!

If you haven't noticed Lavazza's advertisements and promotions over the last few years, you're missing out. Italy's favourite coffee outdoes itself with its beautiful and inspiring ads and calendars every annum. I have worked with their coffee for a number of my baristering years, and although it's not my absolute number one (how could I say that when I currently sell Miko in my coffeeshop?), let me tell you it is right up there. I got a hugely positive response as a result of almost every cup I sent out to my tasteful customers. Here's a couple of my favourite publications...

The prim and proper Con te Partiro by Lavazza, featuring Daisy Lowe

Love the blue and yellow together (this will inspire the decor in my dream house's lounge/living room), and the oldschool pin-up air hostie feel.

What can I say? This is sex. Makes me feel like taking my clothes off and consuming la caffiene. Which, I suppose, was the aim.

A more elegant approach, with a romantic, mysterious and dreamy feel.

They also had a Marie Antoinette themed calendar one year. I think I will be investing in one of their calendars, not to mention grind for my espresso machine, every year from now.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lookbook Fascinations

Here are a few of my absolute favourite posts from at this moment. Fuck these people are talented. I get so much inspiration from this site - if you haven't been shopping in a while and your wardrobe feels a little stale, you need to go there. It will make you see your collection of structured materials in a completely different light.

Also admiring this girl's ink art. What a cool idea starting your sleeve from your wrist, rather than your shoulder like everyone else. It reminds me of an old-school detached arm-warmer from the 80s. Her boots, too, are really awesome. I'd like a pair of those.

Signing off for the day - time to go to work like a boring normal person. Keep your hats on xx OTIG

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Classic Navy, Reds and Whites willl never go out of style.

So they say that nautical should be huge for spring over there, which is around now for them. Will it still be by the time our spring rolls around and winter is chased away? I think so and besides, nautical never went out, did it? Nautical themes are classic and stylish all year round. Bold navy, reds and whites will always look amazing together. These are just the facts.

And as an all time admirer of the anchor, I say bravo. xx OTIG

Friday, April 02, 2010

Gamma gamma baby

When we were little, our family would stay up super-late and have 'Stargazing Nights' at my music teacher's house. We would lay blankets and sleeping bags out in the middle of the yard, keeping plenty of fluffy pillows, tasty snacks and hot chocolate drinks on hand. Janet was also a science teacher so she knew a lot about stars and constellations, and kept quite a number of books on the subject. Those books were fascinating; filled with constellation diagrams, information on planets and historical myths. We would study them, then try to find the stars in the skies overhead. Having learned about the night skies and all their mysterious workings, we would then go inside and have hotdogs, before mum and dad sleepily took us home and tucked us into bed. Those stargazing nights were so much fun, and I still remember most of what we learned because it was so hands-on and hugely interesting to me.

The month of April this year has been designated Global Astronomy Month. This global outreach event hopes to generate interest in astronomy for people all over the world. You can find out more about Global Astronomy Month here. Another good place to go for Queensland information is the Astronomical Association of Queensland website. It's got a really good guide for Astrophotography as well.

Get right into GAM and make a proper month of it. Its the perfect time of year now - not too hot, not too cold. Make sure you have plenty of blankets, food and warm drinks. My recommendations? A big cob loaf to munch on and hot mocha drinks to battle attacks of the sleeps. Borrow some astronomy books from the library. You'll also want binoculars, a torch and - if you've got one - this is absolutely the time to pull out your trusty old telescope from high school. Have fun learning stuff you never thought you would! xx OTIG

Call The Doctor!

The 1st of April was Doc Marten's 50th Birthday. I only just read that somewhere, so there you go, I didn't know that before. But I wanted to post a picture of these Doc Martens (see above), because I am in LUST and I want some. I'd only either wear those, or just the plain, black original ones, or the Union Jack ones to the right. None of the others. I love that the florally wallpaper theme offsets the clumpy man elements of the typical Doc Marten (which is, I must add, a wardrobe prerequisite). I must have a pair of these...