Thursday, April 22, 2010

21st Birthday Bash

I have decided that, for my impending 21st in July, I will be taking a house in Agnes Waters for a long weekend and holding an all day, classy, Cowboys n Indians themed bash on a nearby secluded beach. Afternoon beers, huge bonfires, cosy teepees and hot tasty nibblies on the beach in winter. It will most likely be too cold to go in the water, but I don't mind - there's just something about the beach in winter that I love. We will have plenty of warm snuggly things to keep us warm. Everybody I've told so far has loved the idea.

I just fell in love with the idea, even more so after I was inspired by a one year old's party of the same theme. His mother is beautiful and a genius and has the sweetest blog called Ché and Fidel. I really hope she doesn't mind that I borrowed her picture!

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait for July. It'll be pretty sweet, my 18th and your 21st.. all in one month and 20 days apart!