Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well wow.

So, I will give you an update into my fitness foray, because I feel authorised and pressed to do so following my third session yesterday afternoon. I feel really good; actually I feel freaking fabulous. I've only had three sessions and I already feel like a newer version of myself! Where before my energy levels would peak and drop as often as Gordon Brown's attitude changes, they have - in the last few days - stayed at a consistent and productive level all day; making it easier to get things done and allowing me to feel more in control of daily productivity.

On the first day, Friday, we did circuits up at the football fields. It was earlier than I am usually active, and it was hard to get in the zone. But my goodness, what an extreme workout, and I'm rather proud to say that I spewed at the end, having given 110%. Yes, a bit shocking but so worth it - I felt amazing when I got home and had a hot shower. I spent the rest of the day moving around in a vain attempt to ward off sore muscles the next day.

By Monday, almost all of my muscles were in full working order again and had stopped hurting completely. So on Tuesday we went out again, this time on an interval walk. Walk really hard and fast, then break into a run, then walk again, and backwards up Suicide Hill (that used muscles I didn't even realise existed). Then a fast walk home. About a 40 minute session.

Then yesterday, Tuesday, off to the gym to work on my legs and back. I wasn't sore at all from Monday and by now I was starting to feel the positive effects of all the exercise, so I was feeling really fresh, energised and ready for a tough workout again. It was so good - we did so many different exercises and hit so many parts of my body in just one hour, and I walked out with the wobbliest legs. Another hot shower later and my body is so switched on and alert, and the Boy thinks he can see and feel the difference already!

I definately feel like I'm well on the way to doing this properly, and finally getting really toned up, fit and healthy. I just can't believe what a difference the exercise has made already, and that I never thought that putting this effort in could be so worth it. Having a Personal Trainer has hugely influenced my view of exercise, I actually look forward to and get excited about it! Absolutely, sincerely worth the money.

Next, I will be concentrating on eating well, because I've only just started on that area. There will be a lot of fruit, veges and salads in the coming week I think!


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