Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You can't know the thrill of snapping up one of those.

Today is my day off, and I'm enjoying it a lot. First - roll out of bed at a slightly heinious 10am... I didn't mean to sleep in. But it was nice, so I did. I make a cup of tea, tidy the kitchen after the hasty departure of my brother to his work, and tuck myself into the couch for a little morning television with the fresh sun streaming through my open front door. I wait until I've seen the morning news, then hop up, put a load of washing on and try on one of my favourite little dresses, then its off to Vinnies for my routine check for anything that could possibly resemble a bargain.

I walk out 15minutes later laden down with - a vintage crystal punch bowl (only 11 cups - but only 8 dollars), a lovely soft cashmere pink cardigan (full size, not crop), 3 matching mugs with little floral patterns (but different colours and 40c each), a funny Alf plastic mug as a surprise for my brother (its really ugly in a funny way), and two queen size flannelette sheet sets for winter - one for each of us. All up 14 dollars.


Then its off to the shops, with two rolls of film to be developed. Paid the rent, found disposable cameras on rediculous sale in Woolworths (only 4 dollars each!) and said hello to my brother. I love using disposable cameras, because when they are developed they are more predictable than my Diana, but still have the raw vignetting and darker frames round the edges. Delightful pictures, and on their way into my hot little hands!

Back for more later - so keep your hats on! xx OTIG

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