Monday, April 19, 2010

Change is good - no matter how poor you are, you'll always have change.

Life has been fairly sweet this week. I've been home from my trip one week tomorrow and I miss everyone badly, but I'm grateful that I at least got to see them last week. So I've just been keeping busy with work. On the weekend I catered for a wedding - my first ever solo flight as a caterer; I used to do it with mum. It was incredibly stressful, as the bride's planning skills were a bit sketchy (understatement of year.) and not everything was going to plan. But we got through handsomely with the help of my brother, who luckily had come with me to wash up for a little extra cash. Thanks bro!

In other areas, my life is about to change fairly dramatically - I now have a personal trainer. Yes, I've taken the plunge to invest someone who is going to guide me on the road to a fabulous body. Why didn't I think of this before? I know its going to be hard work, but I'm just going to DO this, because I need to show myself that I can. I've been so lazy in areas of exercise and effort in regard to health and now my body will have the opportunity come into its own. Good body, don't worry, I will take extra nice care of you now!

Write soon. Must take movies back to store before they are late. Awful overdues! xx OTIG

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