Thursday, April 22, 2010

Holly Hobbie

I subscribed to Grazia today. It feels good because I saved a lot of money at the newsstand, and I know I would have bought all those issues anyway. And now I get weekly magazine mail! Magazines have morphed into my main source of entertainment - with my recent money scrounging keeping me mostly in-house and away from temptations. They are good; they keep me updated on topics that interest me, I can cut the pictures out and stick them in my style book, and they inspire me to try new things. So basically, my list of hobbies sticks at:

...Blogging - this blog is like my diary. Hopefully the Internet never crashes and loses all its information so I can come back when I'm 50 and take note of my style insights

...Reading Magazines (aforementioned benefits)

...Playing with my clothes - washing them, pressing them, trying them on, displaying them, loving them

...Learning French and practicing songs on my guitar (which is in getting fixed at the moment)

...Training with my personal trainer S (we have our very first session tomorrow morning - I'm so excited)

Oh oh, and check out this picture of Peaches in the cutest playsuit you have ever clapped eyes on. I love playsuits, but, as with a lot of things, I am yet to find the perfect one. As far as I'm concerned there is nothing bad about this outfit. The playsuit, the stockings, the leather jacket, the shoes, the bag - all perfect together. Why does Peaches receive so much bad press? They are cruel Peaches, forget them.

You know I love you xx OTIG


  1. Maybe people are so derogatory towards her because she's rebels - looking at all the stories around about her being on drugs and whatnot. Even if she supposedly doesn't do them anymore (supposedly). So, if she has no respect for herself, how can other people have it for her?

  2. Nice blog though, great and interesting :)

  3. Thanks :) Yeah I know, she does party it up and all that, but she does good things too. You only ever seem to hear about the bad stuff. I suppose she could try to do a little bit about her image but she just doesn't tend to care, which I think is maybe why I'm attracted to her. I can understand why people don't think she's a good role model, but nobody's perfect and she's just young.

    I mainly feel bad for her about the horrible things people said about her leaked nude scandal. People were writing about how fat she was, and how small her boobs were etc. I love her body because its not perfectly toned and stripped of fat, like other 'more worthy of attention' celebrities (and she is NOT fat). Its like mine, and she's comfortable in her skin, which is what makes her really cool.

  4. Thanks so much for commenting! I got so excited xx