Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home again, home again, jigeddy jog.

I'm back! I know you missed me. I took a well-earned and rather loose break from everything and went down to Brisbane for the wedding. It was a great deal of fun and I enjoyed myself immensely, drinking everything from beer to vodka, rum to gin and back to champagne, then painting the dance floor red; it was certainly an event only made better by the fact there was cake. Unfortunately, in my excitement I neglected to take more than a nibble of mine before being dragged back out for another dance with a small cousin. Better still, there was no hangover in the morning to tut me into submission, and I went on to visit my cousin most of the day and attend a gig in the Valley that night - my best friend's boyfriend's band, His Merry Men. Just great...

Upon arriving back home I realise that, come Friday, I have 26 days left in my little hometown. I am almost overcome with some kind of feeling which doesn't care to identify itself as either excitement or fear, in case I am already feeling too much of both. Of course, now the weather decides to perk up - maintaining a lovely cool and fresh demeanour and making everything seem deliciously rose-tinted. I'm not fooled though, I know that by October the humidity will return, and I'd be sticky and miserable and wishing like anything I was somewhere else. So this season, I'm doing something about it!

Oh, by the way, any moving tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm having a tiny conniption regarding where to start... but I guess anywhere is good, right? Just not my toothbrush quite yet.

So, back into it. I must run now and do a little maintenance on What Would An Indie Girl Wear, as my new (first) blog sponsorship begins tomorrow, and I'd like to give my visitors a lovely warm welcome, along with something interesting to read. So stay put and keep fancy, like the cool kids I know you are! x B

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We'll Watch the Moon Come Up and The Stars Come Out

So my cousin went to that inspection, and there were roughly 60 people there, and all keen as mustard too, jolly bastards. So we're not holding too much hope, especially as its now the weekend and we've heard nothing. Oh well, too bad huh. We'll just have to start applying for less perfect little terrace houses with three bedrooms and a tiny paved courtyard. Sob.

Anyway, on to more happy topics... time is moving more swiftly than ever. Next weekend I take five days off the go to Brisbane for my best friend's sister's wedding. Should be a lot of fun. Frightfully, when I get back from there, I really only have around 4 weeks left to get all my shit together. Then I go.

Last night was Friday, and I spent it at home with a good friend on the front porch under the fairy lights. Didn't go to bed until 3:15am and tried Frangelico for the first time. I will miss those times, but hopefully we can re-live them when my friends visit me in Melbourne! I'd rather do that than go out and see a heap of drunk people I don't want to see, that I'd see every weekend regardless. It's like that here.

Otherwise, not a lot is going on. My days generally consist of working, then in my break I'm usually blogging or sorting out house and job applications. You're likely getting a little sick of hearing about my move, but I promise everything will get more interesting once I'm settled again. How was your week? :)

PS the song is Moon Comes Up by Boy in a Box - my fresh Autumn soundtrack.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comings and Goings.

Well, we've found a house. It's perfect in every way. The price is right (although it is definitely on the limit), is located less than a block away from where I'd dreamed to live, has three bedrooms - two big, one small - and is a stand alone, single fronted little Victorian terrace house with wooden floors, a front garden and a little tree and a paved rear courtyard! You could say we're excited and ridiculously nervous, yes. Furthermore, it is listed as not available until the 5th of April (the closest date we've seen yet), which means we'd only have to pay three weeks rent until we were living there.

So we realised that we needed to call the agent up and ask her a few questions, especially those concerning the inspection - strangely enough it was listed as having strictly one inspection only, and it was next week! As neither I or my cousin live in the state, we had to ask if one of our Melbourne contacts could possibly do the inspection on our behalf. Imagine my how my heart dropped upon discovering that, for this one, the agent was adamant that one of the applicants needed to be there for our application to be considered. So, having decided it was a gamble worth taking (a lot aren't, you know!), we are flying E down on Wed to check out our dream house. The best thing is that they are choosing the new applicant within 24 hours of the inspection... so if we miss out, at least that will put us out of our misery relatively quickly and we can get on with the rest of our lives. Wish us luck!

In other news, went and saw K yesterday, for the first time in a month! Yes, that's how long she was away, to be ready to have the baby down in Bundaberg. I saw bubba too, she's so tiny and contented. Just lay in her pram stretching wiggling her toes and licking her little lips. It must feel great to be outside in the open air after all that time inside!

I've found two amazing new blogs that I just adore and wanted to share them here. One's in Polish though, so you may have to pull out Google Translate and dust it off.

The first is Fancy Treehouse, with the FABULOUS Coury Combs. This woman has style that makes me want to dance around and be so happy just because she looks just like how I'd like to look! You know the feeling. Plus, she wears the high socks I so love, all the time. Great inspiration.

The second is called On My Side Mirrors, but that's translated into English. So I'm not sure what it's actual Polish name is. What is important, however, is that this girl pretty much epitomises my deep-heart style, also. I think both these girls both look just great!

Anyway, there's some great reads for you to peruse. I now have to get ready for work. I got up uncharacteristically early this morning to blog, so that I can get my house application organised through my lunch break. Hope you have a fabulous Sunday! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look How Jolly Organised I Am and My Boyfriend's Band's EP.

My new Important Papers Filer, of which I am very proud. All my important papers - FILED!

A lot has been happening! I knew it would, coming up to the move and everything, but my goodness it's just all moving about and coming together. Houses, jobs, things I need to organise before I leave my hometown, what I'm going to take, what I'm going to leave, where I'm going to put everything. Calling agents, representatives and cousins. Calling my mumma every time I have a triumph or a downfall. Getting so excited I can only squeak when I try to speak, and getting so worried I can hardly smile. It's all so overwhelming and my poor brain is working triple-time to keep up. Not too long now though, only seven weeks. I can only hope everything keeps going along as swimmingly well as it has so far - I'm beginning to feel so lucky and I can't comprehend this opportunity to it's full extent yet. 

My friend had her baby - a girl! Her name is Alexis Laya: they don't come more rock n roll than that. I'm to see her tomorrow on my days off and I'm so looking forward to giving K a huge hug. It's been such a long time since I held a little bubba, too. I've also got some other amazing bubba news but I can't give it away just yet. All I can say is - it's not mine! Thank goodness for that. That's the last thing I want to pack up and move to Melbourne, as I've heard babies are a bit of extra work!

My boyfriend's band, AnyGivenSunday, have finally released their EP! I'm so excited for them, and they are too. They've been walking around town selling them on the street and they've nearly sold their whole first batch of 100. So great! So if you'd like a copy, I can sell you one for $10 and I can post it anywhere in the world, though I might have to get you to pitch in a little postage. You can check them on Triple J Unearthed or at their Myspace. Your support is much appreciated! These boys are great :)

Oh, also, If you haven't yet, I'd so appreciate it if you popped over to my fashion blog, What Would An Indie Girl Wear? and have a look. I'm been working very hard to make it a fresh, daily read, and I'd just love it if you decided to take my button and share it on your site. I'm totally open to button trading too - so if you'd be interested in that please don't hesitate to contact me via either of my blogs, or the Contact page on What Would An Indie Girl Wear?. I'd LOVE to hear from you.

Anyway, hope you're having a grouse Thursday. I am because it's actually MY Friday - and that's always good :)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

This Business We Call Blogging.

I started blogging at age 19. I come from a small country town near the east coast of Australia, and I don't mind telling you I feel ridiculously cut off from the rest of the planet - even with the support of the world wide web. I was completely unaware of fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and famous bloggers, or that these sorts even existed. But as time went on, I stumbled upon all of these things, and the world of blogging was opened up to me.

Mine, in turn, began to change, evolve and take on new forms. What started out as an online scrapbook and storybook of my life has turned into something a little more serious. While my content hasn't changed dramatically, I feel the fact that my blog has just surpassed the impressive milestone of 20 000 hits makes this all seem a bit more valid. People are actually reading what I write! Not only that: people I couldn't even imagine - like my far away cousin who came to the realisation, via my blog, that I would be moving to Melbourne at the same time as her and emailed me excitedly. I didn't even know she read it!

I've learnt so much, not only from reading other blogs, but from the in-depth research I do for the topics I post about. I've discovered new artists, music, online stores and beautiful pictures. I've met new people and become a part of their daily routines. I'm a blogger, a blog follower and a more interesting, inspired and happy person because of it!

Next month, as I move to Melbourne and take the next giant step of my life, I want you to come with me. I'll be sharing even more as I learn and grow in my new environment. I also intend to sponsor a number of other blogs in the month of May, in the interest of expanding my blog and sharing it with more and more dedicated readers. I'll be adding regular posts, hopefully daily and second-daily, and I'm sure that as I live in such a big bustling city and learn new things, the life I blog about here will become a lot more interesting! I can't wait for that. You might also want to keep an eye on my fully fashion blog, What Would An Indie Girl Wear?, as I'm going to be blogging from the fashion capital of Australia! Oh yeaaah.

So hang tight! It's all going to be happening in the next two months. Thanks again for reading my stuff, I appreciate it! And - I'm going to ask one last thing!

When you read this post, please leave a comment introducing yourself? I would love nothing more than to meet all my readers properly, as so far I feel a little detached, *sad face*. If you have a blog please leave a link and I will check every single one. If I like it, I will even include it in a blog highlight post I will be writing in the very near future. I can't wait to meet you all! And on that note, I'll finish.

Take care honey bears, B xx

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I Really Need to Make a Little Extra Cash...

Image via me - My Gnomey.
Apparently February, though the shortest month of them all, is the one in which everything falls into place. On Thursday I had a telephone interview scheduled for 3:30pm. Upon calling at this time, I was told that I had neglected to take daylight savings into account and had called an hour late. She couldn't talk and I was told I'd be emailed when to call again. I was devastated. Had I completely ruined every chance of obtaining such a wicked job, before I'd even managed to speak with anyone? Spent the rest of my day off lamenting on the phone to my mumma.

On Friday, I received an email directing me to pick another time slot - I had another chance! Fortunately, this one came off without a hitch, and I progressed to the next stage! They are going to send me an online assessment, after which - should I do well enough - I get the chance to participate in a face-to-face interview. I am chuffed. So chuffed I need to lie down on my couch.

My phone starts ringing, from a number I don't recognise. Probably some kind of rep, but I answer politely anyway. IT'S AMANDA - FROM TWEEK!

They had received my letter only the day before. Turn's out they'd closed the little shop for almost the whole of Feb to take holidays, and couldn't believe my little love letter when they cracked it open. They were stoked that someone else would demonstrate such passion for the place they'd put their heart and soul into. She told me to stay in touch, and that they want me to come in to see them the week I arrive in Melbourne. At this stage - I was squeaking with excitement and pleased as punch. My letter worked! I'm going to work at my favourite, most loved little cafe in Melbourne!

Needless to say, I can't believe my luck, because on top off all this (yes, there's more) I received an email the other day from E, my best girl cousin from way back when. We haven't been in touch for so long - she's been travelling overseas and studying, and I've been busy too. She found my blog, saw that I was moving to Melbourne and emailed me right away. She's moving to Melbs around exactly the same time, and now we're getting a little house together in Richmond or Hawthorne and we are just simply too jolly excited about the whole thing because it's worked out just perfect.

You could say it's been a big month.

Anyway, my savings are looking good, and though I haven't had the extra hours at the bottle shop, I'm kind of glad I don't have to work there anymore because it was really quite horrible. We start applying for houses next week, so that's the next thing I need to get in order. Really, I can't believe how all those other things turned out... do you think it might be possible that the same might continue to happen? I sure hope so!

Millions of love... B x