Saturday, March 19, 2011

We'll Watch the Moon Come Up and The Stars Come Out

So my cousin went to that inspection, and there were roughly 60 people there, and all keen as mustard too, jolly bastards. So we're not holding too much hope, especially as its now the weekend and we've heard nothing. Oh well, too bad huh. We'll just have to start applying for less perfect little terrace houses with three bedrooms and a tiny paved courtyard. Sob.

Anyway, on to more happy topics... time is moving more swiftly than ever. Next weekend I take five days off the go to Brisbane for my best friend's sister's wedding. Should be a lot of fun. Frightfully, when I get back from there, I really only have around 4 weeks left to get all my shit together. Then I go.

Last night was Friday, and I spent it at home with a good friend on the front porch under the fairy lights. Didn't go to bed until 3:15am and tried Frangelico for the first time. I will miss those times, but hopefully we can re-live them when my friends visit me in Melbourne! I'd rather do that than go out and see a heap of drunk people I don't want to see, that I'd see every weekend regardless. It's like that here.

Otherwise, not a lot is going on. My days generally consist of working, then in my break I'm usually blogging or sorting out house and job applications. You're likely getting a little sick of hearing about my move, but I promise everything will get more interesting once I'm settled again. How was your week? :)

PS the song is Moon Comes Up by Boy in a Box - my fresh Autumn soundtrack.

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