Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home again, home again, jigeddy jog.

I'm back! I know you missed me. I took a well-earned and rather loose break from everything and went down to Brisbane for the wedding. It was a great deal of fun and I enjoyed myself immensely, drinking everything from beer to vodka, rum to gin and back to champagne, then painting the dance floor red; it was certainly an event only made better by the fact there was cake. Unfortunately, in my excitement I neglected to take more than a nibble of mine before being dragged back out for another dance with a small cousin. Better still, there was no hangover in the morning to tut me into submission, and I went on to visit my cousin most of the day and attend a gig in the Valley that night - my best friend's boyfriend's band, His Merry Men. Just great...

Upon arriving back home I realise that, come Friday, I have 26 days left in my little hometown. I am almost overcome with some kind of feeling which doesn't care to identify itself as either excitement or fear, in case I am already feeling too much of both. Of course, now the weather decides to perk up - maintaining a lovely cool and fresh demeanour and making everything seem deliciously rose-tinted. I'm not fooled though, I know that by October the humidity will return, and I'd be sticky and miserable and wishing like anything I was somewhere else. So this season, I'm doing something about it!

Oh, by the way, any moving tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm having a tiny conniption regarding where to start... but I guess anywhere is good, right? Just not my toothbrush quite yet.

So, back into it. I must run now and do a little maintenance on What Would An Indie Girl Wear, as my new (first) blog sponsorship begins tomorrow, and I'd like to give my visitors a lovely warm welcome, along with something interesting to read. So stay put and keep fancy, like the cool kids I know you are! x B

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