Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comings and Goings.

Well, we've found a house. It's perfect in every way. The price is right (although it is definitely on the limit), is located less than a block away from where I'd dreamed to live, has three bedrooms - two big, one small - and is a stand alone, single fronted little Victorian terrace house with wooden floors, a front garden and a little tree and a paved rear courtyard! You could say we're excited and ridiculously nervous, yes. Furthermore, it is listed as not available until the 5th of April (the closest date we've seen yet), which means we'd only have to pay three weeks rent until we were living there.

So we realised that we needed to call the agent up and ask her a few questions, especially those concerning the inspection - strangely enough it was listed as having strictly one inspection only, and it was next week! As neither I or my cousin live in the state, we had to ask if one of our Melbourne contacts could possibly do the inspection on our behalf. Imagine my how my heart dropped upon discovering that, for this one, the agent was adamant that one of the applicants needed to be there for our application to be considered. So, having decided it was a gamble worth taking (a lot aren't, you know!), we are flying E down on Wed to check out our dream house. The best thing is that they are choosing the new applicant within 24 hours of the inspection... so if we miss out, at least that will put us out of our misery relatively quickly and we can get on with the rest of our lives. Wish us luck!

In other news, went and saw K yesterday, for the first time in a month! Yes, that's how long she was away, to be ready to have the baby down in Bundaberg. I saw bubba too, she's so tiny and contented. Just lay in her pram stretching wiggling her toes and licking her little lips. It must feel great to be outside in the open air after all that time inside!

I've found two amazing new blogs that I just adore and wanted to share them here. One's in Polish though, so you may have to pull out Google Translate and dust it off.

The first is Fancy Treehouse, with the FABULOUS Coury Combs. This woman has style that makes me want to dance around and be so happy just because she looks just like how I'd like to look! You know the feeling. Plus, she wears the high socks I so love, all the time. Great inspiration.

The second is called On My Side Mirrors, but that's translated into English. So I'm not sure what it's actual Polish name is. What is important, however, is that this girl pretty much epitomises my deep-heart style, also. I think both these girls both look just great!

Anyway, there's some great reads for you to peruse. I now have to get ready for work. I got up uncharacteristically early this morning to blog, so that I can get my house application organised through my lunch break. Hope you have a fabulous Sunday! 


  1. You are so clever :)

  2. Haha, well, thanks. Don't know who you are but you brightened my day :)