Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look How Jolly Organised I Am and My Boyfriend's Band's EP.

My new Important Papers Filer, of which I am very proud. All my important papers - FILED!

A lot has been happening! I knew it would, coming up to the move and everything, but my goodness it's just all moving about and coming together. Houses, jobs, things I need to organise before I leave my hometown, what I'm going to take, what I'm going to leave, where I'm going to put everything. Calling agents, representatives and cousins. Calling my mumma every time I have a triumph or a downfall. Getting so excited I can only squeak when I try to speak, and getting so worried I can hardly smile. It's all so overwhelming and my poor brain is working triple-time to keep up. Not too long now though, only seven weeks. I can only hope everything keeps going along as swimmingly well as it has so far - I'm beginning to feel so lucky and I can't comprehend this opportunity to it's full extent yet. 

My friend had her baby - a girl! Her name is Alexis Laya: they don't come more rock n roll than that. I'm to see her tomorrow on my days off and I'm so looking forward to giving K a huge hug. It's been such a long time since I held a little bubba, too. I've also got some other amazing bubba news but I can't give it away just yet. All I can say is - it's not mine! Thank goodness for that. That's the last thing I want to pack up and move to Melbourne, as I've heard babies are a bit of extra work!

My boyfriend's band, AnyGivenSunday, have finally released their EP! I'm so excited for them, and they are too. They've been walking around town selling them on the street and they've nearly sold their whole first batch of 100. So great! So if you'd like a copy, I can sell you one for $10 and I can post it anywhere in the world, though I might have to get you to pitch in a little postage. You can check them on Triple J Unearthed or at their Myspace. Your support is much appreciated! These boys are great :)

Oh, also, If you haven't yet, I'd so appreciate it if you popped over to my fashion blog, What Would An Indie Girl Wear? and have a look. I'm been working very hard to make it a fresh, daily read, and I'd just love it if you decided to take my button and share it on your site. I'm totally open to button trading too - so if you'd be interested in that please don't hesitate to contact me via either of my blogs, or the Contact page on What Would An Indie Girl Wear?. I'd LOVE to hear from you.

Anyway, hope you're having a grouse Thursday. I am because it's actually MY Friday - and that's always good :)

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