Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I Really Need to Make a Little Extra Cash...

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Apparently February, though the shortest month of them all, is the one in which everything falls into place. On Thursday I had a telephone interview scheduled for 3:30pm. Upon calling at this time, I was told that I had neglected to take daylight savings into account and had called an hour late. She couldn't talk and I was told I'd be emailed when to call again. I was devastated. Had I completely ruined every chance of obtaining such a wicked job, before I'd even managed to speak with anyone? Spent the rest of my day off lamenting on the phone to my mumma.

On Friday, I received an email directing me to pick another time slot - I had another chance! Fortunately, this one came off without a hitch, and I progressed to the next stage! They are going to send me an online assessment, after which - should I do well enough - I get the chance to participate in a face-to-face interview. I am chuffed. So chuffed I need to lie down on my couch.

My phone starts ringing, from a number I don't recognise. Probably some kind of rep, but I answer politely anyway. IT'S AMANDA - FROM TWEEK!

They had received my letter only the day before. Turn's out they'd closed the little shop for almost the whole of Feb to take holidays, and couldn't believe my little love letter when they cracked it open. They were stoked that someone else would demonstrate such passion for the place they'd put their heart and soul into. She told me to stay in touch, and that they want me to come in to see them the week I arrive in Melbourne. At this stage - I was squeaking with excitement and pleased as punch. My letter worked! I'm going to work at my favourite, most loved little cafe in Melbourne!

Needless to say, I can't believe my luck, because on top off all this (yes, there's more) I received an email the other day from E, my best girl cousin from way back when. We haven't been in touch for so long - she's been travelling overseas and studying, and I've been busy too. She found my blog, saw that I was moving to Melbourne and emailed me right away. She's moving to Melbs around exactly the same time, and now we're getting a little house together in Richmond or Hawthorne and we are just simply too jolly excited about the whole thing because it's worked out just perfect.

You could say it's been a big month.

Anyway, my savings are looking good, and though I haven't had the extra hours at the bottle shop, I'm kind of glad I don't have to work there anymore because it was really quite horrible. We start applying for houses next week, so that's the next thing I need to get in order. Really, I can't believe how all those other things turned out... do you think it might be possible that the same might continue to happen? I sure hope so!

Millions of love... B x

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