Thursday, March 03, 2011

This Business We Call Blogging.

I started blogging at age 19. I come from a small country town near the east coast of Australia, and I don't mind telling you I feel ridiculously cut off from the rest of the planet - even with the support of the world wide web. I was completely unaware of fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and famous bloggers, or that these sorts even existed. But as time went on, I stumbled upon all of these things, and the world of blogging was opened up to me.

Mine, in turn, began to change, evolve and take on new forms. What started out as an online scrapbook and storybook of my life has turned into something a little more serious. While my content hasn't changed dramatically, I feel the fact that my blog has just surpassed the impressive milestone of 20 000 hits makes this all seem a bit more valid. People are actually reading what I write! Not only that: people I couldn't even imagine - like my far away cousin who came to the realisation, via my blog, that I would be moving to Melbourne at the same time as her and emailed me excitedly. I didn't even know she read it!

I've learnt so much, not only from reading other blogs, but from the in-depth research I do for the topics I post about. I've discovered new artists, music, online stores and beautiful pictures. I've met new people and become a part of their daily routines. I'm a blogger, a blog follower and a more interesting, inspired and happy person because of it!

Next month, as I move to Melbourne and take the next giant step of my life, I want you to come with me. I'll be sharing even more as I learn and grow in my new environment. I also intend to sponsor a number of other blogs in the month of May, in the interest of expanding my blog and sharing it with more and more dedicated readers. I'll be adding regular posts, hopefully daily and second-daily, and I'm sure that as I live in such a big bustling city and learn new things, the life I blog about here will become a lot more interesting! I can't wait for that. You might also want to keep an eye on my fully fashion blog, What Would An Indie Girl Wear?, as I'm going to be blogging from the fashion capital of Australia! Oh yeaaah.

So hang tight! It's all going to be happening in the next two months. Thanks again for reading my stuff, I appreciate it! And - I'm going to ask one last thing!

When you read this post, please leave a comment introducing yourself? I would love nothing more than to meet all my readers properly, as so far I feel a little detached, *sad face*. If you have a blog please leave a link and I will check every single one. If I like it, I will even include it in a blog highlight post I will be writing in the very near future. I can't wait to meet you all! And on that note, I'll finish.

Take care honey bears, B xx

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  1. Hey dude,
    I write:

    I really love your blog because it's so personable and I think you get a very good snapshot of who you are. Congrats on your high readership much deserved.