Friday, December 25, 2009

Un des festivals de musique originale...

This year marked the 40th Anniversary of the very first Woodstock Festival in August, 1969. They must've had a blast!

Merry Christmas, Little J

I don't really like Christmas, but you will find that every year it comes around with annoying regularity. In particular, I dislike the materialism. As a body who is hopeless at keeping secrets or special surprises (remember this before you confide, ps) it is incredibly hard for me to:

1. upon sourcing an ideal present for an ideal person, refrain from proudly presenting said present immediately and,

2. try to find an ideal present when under extreme pressure as a result of lack of time, lack of funds and/or lack of inspirations.

I find others have these problems also. This is why, late Christmas Eve, gift shops are packed with desperados rushing around trying to find something, anything, to wrap and give the unfortunate individual still without a gift under the tree (a tree whch is probably fake and doused with tacky decorations). These presents are meaingless and materialistic; just more things.

I'm sick of trying to make every Christmas a Dream Christmas. It never dishes up that level of satisfaction. There is always somebody missing... I'm jealous of people who always have their entire family around them, all of whom make an effort to pitch in with the celebrations. You may think this is dreamy and unrealistic, but I actually know people like that. I always feel alone at Christmas, no matter who is around.

Anyway, in an effort to now turn this mini-emo-essay into a more positive insight, I'll let you know my day hasn't been all bad... I still had most of my close family and one of my extended family around and I had fun giving them presents I knew they would love, in turn getting good ones myself. Also, because I am currently in my first full time job with all the benefits, I'm getting a little kick out of getting paid without having to be at work! Definately a plus.

So I really hope everybody had a good Christmas... we just have to remember that its a time for peace, and catching up, and lazing around for the day, and remembering Jesus' birth. Because without Him, we wouldn't even be here, and that'd not be much fun, would it?


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wednesday. Wed-nes-day. Day off!

Well, today has been nice. Right now I'm sitting in my boyfriend's room listening to him play around on his guitar and watching the 7pm Project. Although, the latter is hard to do, due to the volume and enthusiasm of the former. Earlier today I had a good club lunch with my dad, and then I went with him to check out the deck he is working on, then he took me to buy magazines (eep!) and he hung out at my place for a bit. I made him iced coffee and we had fun finding cities on the huge map of America hung precariously on my loungeroom wall, and talking about farming (he's passionate about that).

I hate posting without things.

We're all getting really excited about Big Day Out and Soundwave. Only one and two months to wait though, so thats good. I guess Christmas has to happen first. And New Years... New Years. I hate New Years! They always suck. None of this 'all your special people in the same room' mush. All my favourite people are scattered all over the world and they are never where I want them when I want them. Stupid favourite people. And my boyfriend will be somewhere with the boys while I'm stuck at home because of work the next day. I'll probly just drink to a coma and make a disgrace of myself, there's a good New Years - one I don't remember!

Anyway, I'm going - its dinner time and I'm hungry. Have a good night x

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

There's a nice Peach!

Look at that, finally some good coverage regarding one of the wildest of our generation. She's modelling for the Children in Need Appeal along with a number of other recognisables. I always knew she had it in her, but the press never ever let up. Check out these next pics - she looks a vision. People need to stop over-anylising her, because its not like she's done anything naughtier than us at 16. We've all done that naughty stuff, and so have mum and dad - we just don't have the paparazzi to prove it. Although... some have had a nosy Central Telegraph reporter in the courtroom writing their full names down for Fridays publication. Screw you Russell Guse!



And while we're on the topic of Peaches, who I just have to admit is, one of my absolute favourite muses... She's the one I'll be taking festival notes from this year - especially after last year's - Good Vibrations. No more DJ fests for me. Real talent, as opposed to Buttons, and in the shape of Big Day Out and Soundwave. And I'll definitely be wearing gumboots, and will have a poncho tucked away in my satchel - because that (see below), is very similar to the face I was wearing at the aforementioned GV... aka Mud and Sewerage Festival.

Love you Peaches! xx OTIG