Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wednesday. Wed-nes-day. Day off!

Well, today has been nice. Right now I'm sitting in my boyfriend's room listening to him play around on his guitar and watching the 7pm Project. Although, the latter is hard to do, due to the volume and enthusiasm of the former. Earlier today I had a good club lunch with my dad, and then I went with him to check out the deck he is working on, then he took me to buy magazines (eep!) and he hung out at my place for a bit. I made him iced coffee and we had fun finding cities on the huge map of America hung precariously on my loungeroom wall, and talking about farming (he's passionate about that).

I hate posting without things.

We're all getting really excited about Big Day Out and Soundwave. Only one and two months to wait though, so thats good. I guess Christmas has to happen first. And New Years... New Years. I hate New Years! They always suck. None of this 'all your special people in the same room' mush. All my favourite people are scattered all over the world and they are never where I want them when I want them. Stupid favourite people. And my boyfriend will be somewhere with the boys while I'm stuck at home because of work the next day. I'll probly just drink to a coma and make a disgrace of myself, there's a good New Years - one I don't remember!

Anyway, I'm going - its dinner time and I'm hungry. Have a good night x

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