Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'll know I've made it when...

Oh yes, good old american muscle. They are so tough, I couldn't help but feel safe in this vehicle. They are featuring it on Top Gear tonight (7:30pm Win) xx OTIG

Monday, March 29, 2010

New York, these lights will inspire you

Don't you know that she could be doubly better at Gameboy than anyone else on the planet?

A list of things I love at this moment in time (and as of last week, because before last night I hadn't posted for days):

*BONDS - their new collection, and the advertisements that go with it. The Pant, The Sloppy Joe, The Oversized Hoodie... love BONDS.

* My immensly stylish, narrow ankle black dress trousers. Too sophisticated for my hometown.

* The 50c cream slip I recently nabbed from Vinnies. Looks good with everything, high wasted skirts, pants, loong necklaces, shorts, blazers, cardigans. No-bra zone!

* Wonder Sard Soap. My little wardrobe malfunction miracle worker.

* Kodak Flash disposable single-use cameras. Their vignetting, defects and deep popping colours make me love using them more than any other camera. Screw all your $3500 Canons.

* Grazia Magazine - for runway updates.

* Drinking milk from the carton (you're allowed when you live with your brother).

* Oranges, Watermelon, Strawberries and Fruit Salad in general. With ice-cream. The last of this year's summer delights!

* Scotch glasses. If you're feeling down, take a single, slim cigar and some water in a scotch glass outside and sit on your porch, look at the stars, and just try not to feel like the most sophisticated and philosphical being on the planet, I challenge you.

* My Hip-top slide phone... it just feels old-school, because they don't make them anymore, and its not a mainstream Iphone (as much as I'd like on of those).

* Cold pikelets with butter and jam.

* Playing guitar and singing along. My chord changes are getting so fluent, and its a lot more fun now that I've been practising a lot. And I'm also getting tough fingertips, so it doesn't hurt as much.

Another thing I love:
* $5 bag sales @ Vinnies. They had one last week! I woke my brother up and dragged him from his bed, we each put $5 from our Vinnies/Hooch Jar (the jar we put our coins in and only use money for select things - see name) in our pockets, and off we went. And boy we found some bargains. I got 4 scotch glasses (see above), an A3 size book from the 60/70's entitled 'Australians at Play' (the most amusing publication. The only way it could be more hilarious is if you were from another country), some new scarves and a little greenish clutch which, to my greatest astonishment, contained $6 in old Australian 1 and 2 dollar bills! So I got all my money back plus one dollar. Vinnies simply never fails to deliver, and I thank my lucky stars every single day that I live just down the road from mine.

Do you ever spend your whole day off washing, drying, touching, trying on and loving your clothes? I do. and then I try them all on with things I normally never would, and write down all my amazing outfit discoveries in my big, pastel pink style book, while drinking milk from a scotch glass. Those are good days.


Sunday, bloody Sunday...

I had a good day today. I just love Sundays. Of course, if you have to go to work the same as every other day, well that just ruins it, but today I didn't have to - which was nice. Woke up at the Boy's house after quite a crazy night at our friends'. We walked home at 12 30am, after I had already (rather unsociably) slept for an hour and a half at the party. I started work at 6 that morning ok! That was a sleepy walk.

I'm going on a four day trip in two weekends and I'm getting quite excited. I haven't gone anywhere by myself for a little while, and its lots of fun travelling by yourself. Its heaps fun travelling with others too, but by yourself is a different ball game. I like that you only have your own luggage to keep track of, and you don't have to worry about other people getting through customs in time etc. Then sometimes, I like ordering a drink or two during the flight, just because there's no-one to say I shouldn't. And I like wearing inspired outfits while navigating airports and train stations, toting stylish luggage and people watching. And reading and looking learned and browsing newstands. And getting Mcdonalds. My travel essentials include:

Large carry-on bag (for putting everything in). I love my Country Road bag for this purpose.
2 litre bottle of water.
2 fresh new magazines/glossies.
Large sunglasses and scarf (to be worn at all times).
Face wipes and hand sanitiser (nothing nicer than arriving fresh-faced and bushy-tailed).
Light jacket/comfy hoodie in case the tempurature is lower at your destination (or you just need to snuggle).
Snacks (so you're not tempted to purchase rediculously overpriced mid-flight-munchies).
Phone, Ipod, clutch (obviously).
Cash (it costs a lot to use your credit card in the air).
A goodbye kiss from my Boy.
Small sentiment to give my Nan when I see her.

My Nan and Pa are fetching me from the airport - lovely souls that they are. Ohh I love travelling!

I've also been dreaming about Melbourne, lately literally. I keep dreaming that I live there and they are the best dreams. I'm not rich, but I'm living the life. I have a flat with my brother, and every day we get up early and do our thing. I work at a little cafe while I'm saving money; I walk to work and I wear whatever I like. I'm so excited about wearing different outfits and clothes that it is easy to get up every morning. My brother takes photos during the day and night. We live off toasted sandwiches and pancakes because they are cheap and we try to save as much money as we possibly can. Sometimes we catch the tram into the city and walk up and down Collins taking pictures, looking at people and shop windows (especially Chanel), drinking coffee and browsing bookstores. Then we have fish and chips for a treat, down at the river while the casino flames burst into the night sky. Its purely delicous, really.

What are your secret delights? xx OTIG

Monday, March 15, 2010

The IT Crowd Fever

Get in on the search for your inner nerd. Its in there! Its about square black glasses, gaming, tall socks, comics, calenders and staying in on Friday nights for episodes of the seriously. funny. IT Crowd.


Monday, March 01, 2010

Introducing Mama Kin

I love this song. She was a massive hit at Woodford last year. Wish I could have been there.

CTFO (Chill the Fuck Out)

Learning about the World

Autumn Style Influence/s, March 2010

Good morning and guess what! It's the first day of Autumn. New season, new influences, new inspirations and new ideas. Here are a few of mine:

Melbourne City in the Autumn Season

New Runway Inspiration

Pastel Colours are huge for me now. I want pastel pencils, pastel dressess, pastel blush. Soft and pretty, I'll be wearing it in the stripes of my ideal little pink and white striped cotton frock, teamed with a chunkily crocheted scarf, thigh high navy socks and scruffy brown booties. Oh, and a pastel pink quilted Chanel purse, I wish.

Crochet in the Household

I particularly love the oversized crocheted doily on the floor (left) serving as a behemothic, snuggly rug. And the little crochet-cushion topped three-legged stool is so dainty: the atmosphere in that room is delightfully comfortable.

Bohemian, Neo-hippie Lifestyle

Neo-hippies are 21st century people who claim to live the hippie lifestyle, similar to that developed in the 1960s. My best friend laughingly described me to her mother as a 'modern style hippie with nice clothes and an interest in current trends'. I looked up some descriptions and definitions today as a joke and couldn't help laughing at the similarities (not saying which) I found.

Some Characteristics:
Longer hair and fuller beards than current fashion. Many white people wear curly or natty hair, or dreadlocks, as associated with the 1960s counterculture.

Bright-colored clothing and unusual styles, such as tie-dyed garments, dashikis, peasant blouses, and non-Western inspired clothing. Much of their clothing was self-made in protest of Western consumer culture. Head scarves and long beaded necklaces, for both men and women, were also fashionable in addition to sandals.

Listening to certain styles of music - psychedelic rock such as Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane, blues such as Janis Joplin (I love Janis), traditional Eastern music, particularly from India, or rock music with eastern influences, soulful funk like Sly and The Family Stone, jam bands like the Grateful Dead and folk music ie. Bob Dylan. Neo-Hippies frequently participate in the bluegrass music scene. Woodford!

Performing music casually, often with guitars, in friends' homes, or for free at outdoor fairs such as San Francisco's legendary "Human Be-In" of January 1967, the Woodstock Festival of August 15, 16, 17, 1969, or contemporary gatherings like Burning Man festival. Woodford!

The VW Bus is usually known as the counterculture/hippie symbol; a peace symbol is usually painted where the VW logo would otherwise be seen. Because of its low cost (during the late sixties), it was revered as a utilitarian vehicle. A majority of buses were usually repainted with graphics and/or custom paint jobs, this was the predecessor of the modern-day art car. Although not as common, they did also use the Chevrolet Corvair cars and vans.

Free love, drug use, communal living, use of incense.

Well, that's insightful. Consider yourself educated for the day, anyway.

So there's a few. I was so inspired when I woke up this morning at 5am that I couldn't get back to sleep, and have been researching all day! I love broadband (does that reduce my hippie authenticity?).

Keep your hats on ladies and gentlemen. xx OTIG