Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't you know that she could be doubly better at Gameboy than anyone else on the planet?

A list of things I love at this moment in time (and as of last week, because before last night I hadn't posted for days):

*BONDS - their new collection, and the advertisements that go with it. The Pant, The Sloppy Joe, The Oversized Hoodie... love BONDS.

* My immensly stylish, narrow ankle black dress trousers. Too sophisticated for my hometown.

* The 50c cream slip I recently nabbed from Vinnies. Looks good with everything, high wasted skirts, pants, loong necklaces, shorts, blazers, cardigans. No-bra zone!

* Wonder Sard Soap. My little wardrobe malfunction miracle worker.

* Kodak Flash disposable single-use cameras. Their vignetting, defects and deep popping colours make me love using them more than any other camera. Screw all your $3500 Canons.

* Grazia Magazine - for runway updates.

* Drinking milk from the carton (you're allowed when you live with your brother).

* Oranges, Watermelon, Strawberries and Fruit Salad in general. With ice-cream. The last of this year's summer delights!

* Scotch glasses. If you're feeling down, take a single, slim cigar and some water in a scotch glass outside and sit on your porch, look at the stars, and just try not to feel like the most sophisticated and philosphical being on the planet, I challenge you.

* My Hip-top slide phone... it just feels old-school, because they don't make them anymore, and its not a mainstream Iphone (as much as I'd like on of those).

* Cold pikelets with butter and jam.

* Playing guitar and singing along. My chord changes are getting so fluent, and its a lot more fun now that I've been practising a lot. And I'm also getting tough fingertips, so it doesn't hurt as much.

Another thing I love:
* $5 bag sales @ Vinnies. They had one last week! I woke my brother up and dragged him from his bed, we each put $5 from our Vinnies/Hooch Jar (the jar we put our coins in and only use money for select things - see name) in our pockets, and off we went. And boy we found some bargains. I got 4 scotch glasses (see above), an A3 size book from the 60/70's entitled 'Australians at Play' (the most amusing publication. The only way it could be more hilarious is if you were from another country), some new scarves and a little greenish clutch which, to my greatest astonishment, contained $6 in old Australian 1 and 2 dollar bills! So I got all my money back plus one dollar. Vinnies simply never fails to deliver, and I thank my lucky stars every single day that I live just down the road from mine.

Do you ever spend your whole day off washing, drying, touching, trying on and loving your clothes? I do. and then I try them all on with things I normally never would, and write down all my amazing outfit discoveries in my big, pastel pink style book, while drinking milk from a scotch glass. Those are good days.


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