Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, bloody Sunday...

I had a good day today. I just love Sundays. Of course, if you have to go to work the same as every other day, well that just ruins it, but today I didn't have to - which was nice. Woke up at the Boy's house after quite a crazy night at our friends'. We walked home at 12 30am, after I had already (rather unsociably) slept for an hour and a half at the party. I started work at 6 that morning ok! That was a sleepy walk.

I'm going on a four day trip in two weekends and I'm getting quite excited. I haven't gone anywhere by myself for a little while, and its lots of fun travelling by yourself. Its heaps fun travelling with others too, but by yourself is a different ball game. I like that you only have your own luggage to keep track of, and you don't have to worry about other people getting through customs in time etc. Then sometimes, I like ordering a drink or two during the flight, just because there's no-one to say I shouldn't. And I like wearing inspired outfits while navigating airports and train stations, toting stylish luggage and people watching. And reading and looking learned and browsing newstands. And getting Mcdonalds. My travel essentials include:

Large carry-on bag (for putting everything in). I love my Country Road bag for this purpose.
2 litre bottle of water.
2 fresh new magazines/glossies.
Large sunglasses and scarf (to be worn at all times).
Face wipes and hand sanitiser (nothing nicer than arriving fresh-faced and bushy-tailed).
Light jacket/comfy hoodie in case the tempurature is lower at your destination (or you just need to snuggle).
Snacks (so you're not tempted to purchase rediculously overpriced mid-flight-munchies).
Phone, Ipod, clutch (obviously).
Cash (it costs a lot to use your credit card in the air).
A goodbye kiss from my Boy.
Small sentiment to give my Nan when I see her.

My Nan and Pa are fetching me from the airport - lovely souls that they are. Ohh I love travelling!

I've also been dreaming about Melbourne, lately literally. I keep dreaming that I live there and they are the best dreams. I'm not rich, but I'm living the life. I have a flat with my brother, and every day we get up early and do our thing. I work at a little cafe while I'm saving money; I walk to work and I wear whatever I like. I'm so excited about wearing different outfits and clothes that it is easy to get up every morning. My brother takes photos during the day and night. We live off toasted sandwiches and pancakes because they are cheap and we try to save as much money as we possibly can. Sometimes we catch the tram into the city and walk up and down Collins taking pictures, looking at people and shop windows (especially Chanel), drinking coffee and browsing bookstores. Then we have fish and chips for a treat, down at the river while the casino flames burst into the night sky. Its purely delicous, really.

What are your secret delights? xx OTIG

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