Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Melbourne, Paramore, October

It's 5:05am and its still dark outside, but I can hear a rooster crowing in the chilly, misty morning. My poor boy left for work about 15 minutes ago. I'm so glad I don't have to get up that early today - I don't start til 8. I've been getting inspired at really strange times lately, like at work yesterday afternoon when I was looking for some good seasonings in our dry store. Not because it was inspiring work, just because I thought of some things that I like, in my head. I was making a nut mix for the bar, at the time. I never get as much time as I'd like to post on here, so I need to do it whenever I can, no matter how strange a time it is.

SO! I have tickets coming out of my ears. And now Paramore are touring in October, and I'm going to witness them in my favourite city, taking a small break and seeing my mumma at the same time. I think I might head down by mself... I can't wait to travel and fly again, and be in my Melbourne and love everything about it, without having to drag the boys everywhere I want to go (even though last time was ridiculously fun, so maybe if they show a little inkling they want to come, I might let them). Darling mum is coming over the channel for a few days to see me, so we'll have the best girls' weekend ever, staying at the hostel on Church St (which is ridiculously close to my favourite cafe in Melbs, where I intend to go for breakfast every second day). And I'll see my cousins J and S.

While in Melbourne I mean to visit theChanel boutique, smuggle sticky gingerbread into coffee shops to nibble on while drinking my coffee, ride on trams, do the Victoria Markets (crusty bread, cheese, salami and fresh, fruit yogurt for breakfast, washed down with a mocha on the crowded sidewalk), find and purchase the customary skull scarf (tradition), try on a lot of pretty frocks and invest in a fresh batch of brand new, cotton, thigh-high socks. How can anyone not love Melbourne?

The Boy's parents are away this week, and without giving too much away, we are having a smashing time sleeping in their water bed. Water beds are so old-school, but so, so snuggly - you would not believe. Its pretty fun. There are also not a lot of nicer things than flanelette sheets, because they are soft and snuggly and isn't it just the hardest thing ever to try and get out of them of a morning?

Excuse me while I go and fetch myself a coffee. xxOTIG

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