Sunday, May 01, 2011

The First Forty-Eight.

  1. Bought a black and cream woollen Poncho from Quick Brown Fox
  2. Watched the Royal Wedding with Siobhan
  3. Went to Billboard and saw Unkle live (super)
  4. Discovered Pear cider - Gypsy Brothers
  5. Lost ID and found it again
  6. Section 8, Robot, Melbourne Supper Club (tapas and red wine) - 4am home
  7. Said goodbye to my Dad and brother - back to QLD for them...
  8. Cried in exasperation at the ticket machine in the train station
  9. Met Erin for coffee with a raging hangover
  10. Purchased Panadol
  11. Felt a lot better!
  12. Met Edward
  13. Afternoon ciders at Trent's (Strawberry and Lime, oh yeah)
  14. Thai restaurant for tea - footsies on the floor under the table
  15. Did quite a number of cool bars on Chapel St (Mixed Berry)
  16. Smoked a certain herb acquired via a dodgy deal in the streets behind South Yarra - using a metro ticket stub for a filter
  17. Hung out on the balcony and talked deep into the night
  18. Crashed out on a couch and slept like a baby - caught train home in the morning

Pictures: Trent demonstrating his impeccable taste in music - new tunes! Schoolgirls on the corner of Toorak and Chapel - such cool style, and they're 12.

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