Monday, May 16, 2011

A Week In The Life Of Melbourne Bronni.

Monday 9 - Day off, big sleep in, random jobs, lunch at Tweek with Erin.

Tuesday 10 - Work at 7:30am, finish at 4pm. Met Brent in Caulfield at 6pm, met Shaggy, went back for home beers, Jager shots, hit the city, Eurotrash, named lighters, Mcdonalds, home at 4am.

Wednesday 11 - Up at 6:30 am to catch train home, work at 8:30am, finish at 4pm, meet Stevee on Collins at 5, Ponyfish Island, souvenirs, mission to Chapel st, Exhibition Square, dinner at Ponyfish Island, train home late falling asleep and paranoid.

Thursday 12 - Sleep in, miserable rainy day, get the train to Frankston at 4:30pm, get there 6:30pm, picked up by Brent, Aunty's for tea (salads) and tea, Uncle Dans for girl beers and boy beers, Shaggy's for pre-netball drinks, Netball, back to Shaggy's for house party and Osama themed drinking games, servo run, walk home high, beach at night, climbing trees, lying in bushes.

Friday 13 - Up at 12, phone calls with flight center, breakfast, Shaggy's, Fish n Chips and tartare at Mornington beach, trek to the Pillars, smashed by big wave on the cliffs, crazy seas, lookouts, accepted Flight Center job offer, Gunnerie lookout - Tasman, back to Mornington, train home by 8pm, again falling asleep.
(Note: Lancaster St boy took my number with vague promises of coffee sometime in the near future)

Saturday 14 - Up for work at 8:30am, letter from Samus, finish by 4pm, home, quickly get ready, dinner party at Erin's by 7:30pm, great fun, met Hilary, amazing house, open fire, dining room chatter and debates, red wine, white wine, patio cigarettes, Out, Strike bowling, Souvlaki, home by 3:30am.

Sunday 15 - Up at 11:30am, down the street for bacon and eggs and coffee with Erin, Arcadia Hotel for Big Buck Hunter practice and pool, left Erin, walked up Chapel to see Student Flights store, met Trent for coffee, walked the streets til dark (Bong-o-mania) then beers at La La Land in the red room. Home by 8pm, BED.

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