Friday, May 06, 2011

Interviews, Hot Air Balloons and American Burgers.

For my first day at Tweek (Tuesday) I was up before the sun, dressed in my jeans, a black tee and my denim boaters. Grabbed a coffee, threw on my big scarf and coat and was off down the hill, keeping time to some sweet beats. I've turned into one of those iPod people - never saw that coming... I never take my earphones out anymore! As I walked up the hill on Church St my brain filled with a sense of achievement and elation - I was here precisely six months ago, when I made the big decision to move - imagining exactly what it would be like to walk these streets as my own. And now I was doing it, so I skipped a little bit from happiness and took a bite out of my breakfast sausage roll. Then I saw a big hot air balloon, rising above the trees and the city ready to greet the sunrise!

Yesterday I had my interview with Flight Center, in St Kilda. I think it went well, but I should know tomorrow if I'm up for a job or not. Not long to wait, which is mint. You should have seen my outfit - I looked quite the true corporate. My new heels are fabulous. Afterwards, I meant to pop in on S's hair appointment to say 'hey', but at the last minute it was cancelled, so I had tea on Toorak Rd at this retro American-style burger place that feels like the 50's. Fun! The burger was good, though the most exciting thing was that they sell Peanut Butter M n Ms! Eat your heart out, Samus (haha)! I bought three packets.

Caught the train home with all the business men and got right into my pyjamas the moment I arrived. Such a relief... these city moguls are tough! I'm going to be super skinny if I walk my hill like this every day. And I finished my book (The Host by Stephanie Meyer). It was really, really great - I highly recommend it. Don't hold the Twilight series against her; they were well written. I think she is an amazing writer. What an imagination! Freaks me out! Read it.

So if you're a Melbournite, contact me! I'd love to hear from you - we might meet. I'm so excited about this new start and I'm so ready for full steam ahead. I will experience everything and make every day count. I'm off now for a coffee and a sausage roll - probably my favourite food at the moment. Perfect weather for a soft sausage roll with tomato sauce, and a big chocolatey mocha.


  1. Interesting. I pedalled up Church St and down Chapel every afternoon after work when I working in Abbotsford. It is a decent hill. Flatter than Punt after the bridge though, and less dangerous.

    If you like the retro burger stuff, try Danny's Dinner on Barkly in St Kilda, or Greasey Joes. St Kilda loves them.

  2. !!!!!! Haha oh I do miss me some Peanut Butter m&m's. This vegan diet might just do me some good though haha. I'm going to try vegan chocolate when I come down to Melbourne :D You sound like you're having an amazing time!! Good luck with the Flight Centre! xx