Monday, May 17, 2010

Autumn to Winter Musings

As I said before, we've had a cold snap and it really feels like winter's upon us, which is nice. I've had a really good past couple of weeks actually, even though I've been so busy I could hardly realise. I've made real headway at work - I've recently made proposals to my bosses which they've embraced, and I've been able to put huge improvements into play already! I might even be getting qualified soon, they've made me some really good offers and I'm seriously considering them. this will make it easier to get a job and career that I really want, when I move to the city.

My guitar is still in getting fixed, but my learning is coming along nicely. I don't know why it took me so long to really get it, because I've always wanted to be able to play. I guess I've been trying harder than before. Anyway, its much easier than I thought, just to strum a little tune along to accompany my singing. Obviously lead would be a lot more difficult so I leave that to M, who plays lead while I sing. We possibly decided on the weekend to call our duo Melbron Shuffle, as in a twist on the hip hop dance step. It's got both of our names in it. Yes, I can just see the drunk people trying to say that out loud. We always seem to pick tricky ones.

I got really inspired on the weekend, when we all went up to Rocky for my Boy's band; they had a gig up there at a bar that promotes up-and-coming local bands. It was fun and they did really well. Barb came too and we got drunk, went out and didn't get home til dawn. My poor bf had to sleep on the floor due to a mix-up with his accommodation, but he still had a pretty good weekend. He's my rocker boyfriend. On sunday we went to Yeppoon in the band van, and also to the movies - just us two. Then we had the best Quarter Pounder I've ever had (extra ketchup and onion), and drove all the way home while I slept with my head on his lap up in the front of the van. Bed that night, was amazing.

Other things I've been mulling over lately... tea parties, dreams, relationships.

Happy winter.

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