Tuesday, May 04, 2010

There are little tears trickling down my cheek.

I just discovered, upon the return of my boyfriend's computer from a serious update session, that all of my pictures from the last six months have been mislaid. Apparently I was supposed to be saving them to the external hard-drive, not just in the Pictures folder on Desktop. Mislaid, I believe, is the wrong word. Try gone forever. I can't let myself start thinking of specific pictures because if I can I will miss them more. This is a sad day.

Not completely sad though because I fortunately, finally made an appointment for a hair cut last week - and it is for today! I'm keeping it long yes, I'm afraid I've caved to the Boy in regards to my Camilla Belle hairstyle envy. Ohh to have shoulder length hair again, if just for something different. But I have to admit I do love my long dark tresses, and after all, we are coming into winter. Next spring I'll chop it off!

 xx OTIG

PS I might be getting a chef uniform (with pink buttons) to wear to work now, due to a recent promotion! I'm rather excited about this.

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