Saturday, February 12, 2011

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I am sure I'm most productive at night time. This week has been strangely out of the norm with the Boy on night shift - one he rarely has to cover, fortunately. He starts at 10pm and gets home at 6:30 the next morning. I've been staying up late and having a ball... It's alright for me, I don't have to get up til 8:30 most mornings. I love my shifts at work.

We went to Rockhampton on Tuesday to get our new tattoos and T's sleeve drawn up. Haylee took a real interest in his ideas and told us to call in two weeks to check on her progress. Then we ducked into her studio and got our best friend tattoos done. I got a blue classic diamond on my finger and the Boy got one outlined in black, behind his right ear. They look so good, and I'm particularly proud of my foray into the very visible hand tattoo area. I've really taken the plunge now! No more tiny ink... the next one is going to be a big job and I've got some really sweet ideas.

*Oh goodness, I have to squash this is in, but while we were in the City we went and saw the new movie Sanctum in 3D. Wow. I had a dream just like this once, before I even know what cave diving was, and it totally freaked me out. This Aussie movie just flogged the nail on the head. It hit every single nerve at the same time, was action packed, and the Australian actors were unbelievable. You need to see this film.

I've now applied for two main jobs in Melbourne - one at Flight Centre as an entry level travel agent, and my love letter to Tweek was posted on Thursday. Wouldn't it be funny if it arrives on Valentine's Day - Monday? I didn't even think of that. How clever... wish I could take credit for that... But the exciting news is that I've already heard back from Flight Centre, and they want to hold a telephone interview with me later this month. What a huge encouragement, to hear back from such an exciting prospect so soon and so positively. That made me feel just great! I'm still applying for other jobs this week.

My best friend with the baby about to appear is very close. 7 days til her due date. All of us at work have placed bets... with some already folding as she gets closer and closer. She's gone down to Bundaberg to wait it out - that's where she'll be having it. My bet is for the 21st (that's my birthday, but in July) and that it will be a boy. Wish me, and K, luck!
(footnote: I think somehow she'll want more luck than I, when it comes to the baby department!)

Anyway, my current mood is: generally on top of everything. My house is organised, my job is going really well, the Boy and I are happy and I'm mostly on top of my funds. My bank account isn't creeping up any where near as quickly as before (now that I live by myself I have to pay double rent), but the important thing is - it's CREEPING. I've had to buy a few unexpected things to get ahead, such as stationary and postal supplies for job applications, airway membership for cheaper flight deals, more internet for more job browsing and a teeny bit herbal entertainment... but this will level out in the long run. I'm confident I've planned sufficiently, now I just need to have faith in myself. I think this is the biggest issue I have at the moment!

Anyway, I go. Thanks for tuning in. More to come shortly kiss kiss hug hug.

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