Thursday, June 13, 2013

¿Por qué no sólo tenemos tanto?

So here I sit in my little house, in a very Mexican-like Vila located in the heart of St Kilda. The heater is slightly on, and wind rustles the trees outside my first story lounge-room window; it's gusty and overcast outside, but today alone it has turned progressively rainy and sunny about 5 times over........ I love Melbourne!

Last month marks the two year anniversary of my becoming a Melbournite. Two years is a long time! I have spent much of it fairly dashing about town (and even the rest of the world) doing amazing things... and therefore helping to complete, in real life, the picture I had in my head when I first hit my new lifestyle down here.


'Doing the Great Ocean Road' in a beaten up old van with my honey cousin: took a Polaroid story (which now is now proudly displayed on our living room wall), ate porridge cooked on the gas burner at the back of the van, picked through coastal foliage and observed the lighthouse made famous in 'Round the Twist' (blast from the past!), drank wine and smoked cigarettes on camp stools before heading out for dinner in the evenings, learnt about the history of the coast and it's shipwrecks, all the while stopping for coffee and scones at the cute little teahouses peppered along the way.

'Just Popping over to Tasmania' the week before Easter to surprise Mumma Bear for her birthday: which of course didn't end up being a surprise due to my lack of discretion on Facebook. I was more particularly disturbed by the fact the incident occurred one week out from my intended arrival, when I had booked it at least a month in advance, and that one week prior to THAT had drunkenly decided (at an amazing house party) to quit Facebook entirely. Is your brain fried yet? Yep.

Tassie was lovely though... I spent time with Nan and Pa who picked me up from the airport late on Friday night (conversation in the car for that half an hour was surprisingly stimulating, taking into account my state when I left Melbourne), and went out to the farm early Saturday morning to jump on my mumma before she got up. Baby sister was left with dadda, not-so-baby-sister Fran met up with us and out we went for the day.

Devonport was lovely - the new home for my impending franchise of greatness. Did the mouth of the Tamar. Drove halfway to Hobart to meet my old friend Tyce-from-Thredders and paid a vist to the Cider House. Fran's haunt. Then spent an hour in the park to sober up. Nice one.

All in all fun. You wish you were me. I'm like a cheerleader for Life.

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