Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dubstep For Your Afternoon.

What I'm listening to: Daisy - Brand New (Adventure Club Remix) I'm getting into dubstep, hardcore.

(It's like heavy metal for dance freaks. I like it.)

What I'm watching: The little birds outside my window. They're playing in my garden!

What I'm eating: Crispy, hot croissants with butter and mum's raspberry and blueberry jam.

What I'm reading: Surfboard Summer - Jane Sears. This had always been one of my favourite books, and it makes me happy when I'm feeling down (below: my best intellectual bookworm pose).

Where I'm going: Out for lunch with my dad in five minutes!

What I'm wearing: A silk, vintage headscarf as a headband, my no-fail, little black dress (casual) and my little denim boater shoes.

What I'm wanting: Everyone to stop being sad that I'm leaving soon! :( Don't be sad - plan your first visit! :)

1 comment:

  1. Croissants yum!
    I wish I was having your day