Thursday, July 28, 2011


What I'm listening to: Oh, Ellie Goulding everything - but her acoustic versions are particularly great. I appreciate the version of Starry Eyed in the vid above... she goes off.

What I'm watching: When I got home tonight, Kate tossed the seventh season of NCIS in my general direction saying 'Here, I've finished it. Now you can watch the new hot McGee on your own time!' Not sure what that means, but I've smashed four episodes already (ok, he lost a little bit of weight and got a bit more manly - look out Donozo!).

What I'm eating: Soup. Lots of it, with buttered bread. Too much, but hey, it's winter. And I had a hot ham and cheese croissant for breakfast and it was bril.

What I'm reading: Erin gave me Pride and Prejudice for my birthday - the puffin book I can stuff in my bag and read on the train! Can't wait to get stuck right into it.

Where I'm going: Ok, this is ridiculous. Today I did 8 hours of paid training, for my job, at head office in St Kilda. We learnt just about everything you need to know about a million countries - UK + Europe (and surrounds), France and Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China, the USA and everywhere. What I want to know now is: how the fuck am I going to fit this into four weeks of annual leave a year? I want to go everywhere! Best thing about my job? Half-priced to free tours with our wholesalers - mm mmm!

What I'm wearing: Pyjamas, again. Awesome!

What I'm wanting: To go to bed right and wake up tomorrow feeling like I've slept for a week. I love that feeling.

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  1. A very nice blog! I loved this post, I will use the "questions" on my blog, OK? I loved your sense of humor, your answers show it! Of course, I'll quote you on the blog!