Monday, July 18, 2011

Cool Shit July.

Just when I thought The Kills couldn't get any cooler, they take some time out to re-record almost every single one of their songs - acoustically. Alison Mosshart, may we marry?

Chapel Street Tattoo's artist and co-owner, Jane Laver - for Frankie Magazine. Great, great article, but want to know whats cooler about this whole scenario, apart from the fact that she's super amazing and a great artist? I know this personally, because she came and bought a travel gift card from me, at Student Flights! She helped me learn a bit of my job and was very nice and patient. Thanks, Laver! (See her interview with The Enthusiast here)

Drunk facebooking for State of Origin (Queensland fever). Ahh, my drunk, crazy friends from home. Some of you, I have to say I really dislike, but other's I miss a lot, and I spent a lot of the third game thinking of you: Melbell and Loui, Smithee, Kylie and Brent and Lexis, Laws and Nige, Amy J, Jeffa, Griffo, Matty and Amy, Barb, 'Senya and Kaylene... you realise who your true friends are once you've moved interstate and they still make the effort. Thanks so much for keeping contact - some don't. I miss you guys, and hopefully we can catch up for loose times soon!

Snippets from my July (which is, so far, the opposite of dry!).


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