Sunday, October 31, 2010

Feel th Funk

It's the day after Halloween and I'm sitting just inside the door of my flat, feeling softs wisps of summer breeze brush past me and watching little finches as they play in my garden. As they flutter around, their tiny wings dash and send yellow flowers into a scatter, but when they are still for a moment they regard me suspiciously from black gleaming eyes.

I've been trying to write for about two hours now, but again, it is one of those days when everything that comes from my brain sounds shit when I actually extract and write it out. I'm a bit deflated. I have lost all inspiration and even when I find others to inspire me, it won't carry over into what I would like to do or write that day. I am going on like a robot. The only way I can keep on without losing it is to prepare excitedly for my move in May. I am so excited, but apart from my general dislike of moving, a part of me is also worried that I may not regain my mojo by moving to a new city. I have to remind myself that I will, of course. There will be new things, new people and new places. Change is going to take care of itself and wrap me up in throes of inspiration and deluges of happy sentiments! Then my poor little blog won't know what hit it. I will be able to blog every day, because I will actually have something to blog about!

Until then, though, I am going to continue to tack and paste stuff here, because I don't want there to be a blank spot in my life, and I'm hopeless at keeping a journal. This will be an important chunk of time leading up to one of the biggest, most exciting changes of my young life so far, it would be ridiculous to leave it out. So forgive me if I seem shallow for the next six months. Hopefully I'll regain my extensive vocabulary and writer's sense soon. 

So lets listen to the Gorillaz and have a peek at Kelly O's delicious Derby Day outfit (what a hero! She flies in from America, dives right into the Melbourne shopping, gets all done up for the races, has a fabulous time and is back home in LA for breakfast the next morning!). I'm off to get ready for another big night in the kitchen, cheffing away for every extra dollar to go towards my move.


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