Friday, October 22, 2010

Wild Weather!

Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but Szohr just never fades. I love it when NYLON pops her in, and I'm sad to say this last issue is the first one I've bought for quite a time. They cost a lot in our town, and I'm a woman on a budget! Suffice to say, I got my little surge of joy from this issue on my trip home from holidays.

I am one happy chicken this week. Having just returned from my city of love, Melbourne, I am refreshed and excited at new prospects and hopes for the next 12 months. My plans are these: to have a monster garage sale with some friends in February 2011. Then, when my next lease comes up at the end of April I will be ready to pack what belongings I have left into boxes for an impending move. Said move, as of this last week, is now strongly headed in a determined direction. So I'm feeling a little more purpose filled than usual, because this time I really believe that I can do this, and that it is the right time. Nothing inspires like a little purpose!

Steering away from the norm, I shall give a quick recap of my doings on vacation in bullet point format:
  1. Saw Powderfinger live, performing their last tour - Sunsets - in Rockhampton on Thursday
  2. Purchased my dream, life-changing wrap-around dress from Sportsgirl on Friday
  3. Saw 'Tomorrow When the War Began' with Barb. It was good, didn't disappoint.
  4. Flew to Brisbane and caught the train right to Bop's 21st venue to help decorate on Saturday
  5. Partied the night away, danced to a live funk band, made a new friend and got ridiculously drunk in the process of celebrating, rainy
  6. Recovered on Sunday (and attended a bbq with my second family), rainy
  7. Flew to Melbourne and caught the bus, then the train straight to my cousins', on Monday
  8. Went to Chadstone on Tuesday (biggest shopping centre in Australia)
  9. Saw 'Eat Love Pray' with J and S (also had bad, bad mexican for dinner), rainy
  10. Met Barb at the bus stop on Wednesday, rainy
  11. Saw Paramore live (great), supported by Jury and the Saints, and Reliant K (who weren't so great), rainy
  12. Met up with Mumma on Thursday, trawled Fitzroy for quirks (rainy) and 'did' Chapel St
  13. Queen Victoria Markets on Friday - Hot Chocolate, Salami, Cheese and fresh Turkish Bread for brunch, RAINY!
  14. Afternoon in bed trying to kill a bad cold, brought on by all the rain
  15. Dinner at Grandma Funk's
  16. Bridge Rd on Saturday following a long brunch at Tweek
  17. Flew home Saturday afternoon - met by our loving Bfs at the airport (kisses all round)
  18. Recovered all day Sunday (spent the whole day in bed)
And those, friends, were my holidays. I am still trying to ward off the cold a week on, but it was totally worth it! I had a fabulous time. One of the highlights was Bop's birthday party, god that was a fun night. I got up to all kinds of mischief and danced until my feet couldn't feel anymore. I got two hours sleep.

This trip really kicked off my plans. I want to move to Richmond. It is perfect for me - just on the outskirts of the City with public transport coming out it's ears, and the home to a number of my favourite haunts; Tweek, Grandma Funk's, Bridge Rd, Chapel St and the river. As an added incentive, the Australian Institute of Fitness has a campus literally just down the road from where I hope to live. I have been considering studying with them for about 6 months now, but didn't want to do it via distance ed. Maybe its the solution to my studying dramas.

Bring on the Garage Sale plans! xx OTIG

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