Saturday, February 06, 2010

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Had a good night last night... drank a small bottle of vodka with lime and dry ginger ale (that's my new favourite tipple, the Boy was drinking whiskey!) at our friends place. We sat outside on the patio and listened to Alice Cooper on the radio, before pulling out every instrument in the house (they own a music shop) and playing old rock renditions late into the night. By the end of it I could barely sit upright in my chair so I took off, with the Boy trailing along behind me all the way home. Got in a little fighting match then fell asleep curled up in his arms. As I said before, all in all a good night.

On my wish list at the moment are these (see right). If you see the perfect pair, let me know. They have to be the perfect ones though, or no reward offered. These are the real deal. You can see the benefits - just imagine it started raining - your toots would barely get wet but you'd still have good ventilation. Jolly good idea I think.

My goodness I have a headache.

I've decided to post a few pictures of my little blue house so you can see for yourself how decidedly delicious it is, for yourself though. I, of course, am biased in my opinion.

The kitchen table was my grandma's - rather retro kitsch! In an unfortunate twist of fate my housemate accidently let the glass topper slide to the floor as she was lovingly cleaning it and snapped a little corner off, but thats alright, it still sits in there proudly. And on the wall in the second picture you can see a huge map of the USA and my cute-as-pie bookshelf. Its an old big dollshouse. Best find of my life, and right here in our local secondhand shop. That bookshelf will never leave my possession. I was going to post more photos but thats all for now... my internet is sleepy.

I'm of to work now. Ate some panadol and had a shower and I now feel like a new woman, ready to tackle her little coffee shop and woo those nice old-lady customers of mine (well, not literally tackle - the old ladies I mean). Loves and kisses from

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  1. nice house... bit blue tho no?