Monday, February 15, 2010

To tell you the truth, I am a bit stupid

Not long now til Soundwave, only 5 sleeps. Getting pretty excited. On other notes entirely, living arrangements have changed. Well it was ages ago really. My girl housemate left and now I live a blissfully 'psycho-emotions' free life, with my brother. Who is very cool. So thats nice. I don't really like living with girls, I've decided.

Watched a movie with one of my friends yesterday, that was rather funny/messed up. Donkey Punch - you may have seen it. Its rated R and the concept is, well, precarious. I wouldn't recommend it for kids. But we laughed at the fucked-up-ness. I think we made approximately 5031 donkey punch jokes throughout the movie, and continuing on into the rest of the afternoon. We also appreciate the fact that we now have something to laugh hysterically together over, at parties when we might feel a bit awkward or embarressed. FUN!

 Keep your hats on ladies and gentlemen. xx OTIG

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