Monday, February 01, 2010

Lessons of a Lipstick Queen

This book didn't change my life but it has definately activated my brain. I bought it at Melbourne Airport and didn't put it down until I turned the last page. It's amazing - you can tell when somebody has themself, and others, worked out. Poppy King is one of those people. In Lessons of a Lipstick Queen, she outlines exactly what it takes to make a wish into a reality, no matter what you're trying to do. In my case, it really helped me to think about plans of action I need to take to fulfill the goals I have - from little things like learning a new language, to big things like starting my dream little business.If you have a dream or wish, you need to pick up this book. Even if you have no idea where you might start, it will quite possibly provide you with the inspiration and direction to begin. Clear your mind, don't worry, and have a read. Poppy is simple and direct and I think that you will really love it.

Another book I ready lately : Slash - autobiography of the infamous Guns 'n' Roses lead guitarist. It was quite good, excellent for an insight into the band and how they evolved. Well written and almost endearing, he was pretty honest about how far off the rails he actually went, and his efforts to get back on them. Made me think about and like my good rocker boyfriend even more (he wants to read it next, but he's halfway through a Red Hot Chilli Peppers memoir). My brother loved it too.

More I have to share - next you're in Melbourne and on Bridge Rd, Richmond, you must visit Tweek Cafe (266 Bridge Rd). It's quite easy to find - almost on the corner of Church st. It is the cheapest and best place we went to the whole week. The shop itself is the cutest thing ever, you can sit outside on the pavement, inside with the action, or out the back in the itsy bitsy courtyard. The coffee is sensational, and it was, and will be, exactly the same every time. The menu is the essence of quality and variety, and it manages to be surpising but simple at the same time. We went for breakfast twice. The boys got Big Tweeks, Tweek's version of the traditional big breakfast. It wasn't just traditional, it was the most delicious they'd had. I had the Tuscan; a perfect combination of hot buttered toast, spinach, fried juicy tomatoes, piles of bacon, poached eggs and topped by big slices of fresh avocado. It was the only way to start a fabulous day in my city.

So those are a few things I though you should know.


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