Friday, February 26, 2010

Living life on a happy shoestring budget.

So, on the weekend I: went on a roadtrip, attended Soundwave, visited my grandma, visited my cousin and his friends, met up with my best friend Bop and met her boyfriend, and generally had a very good time. We got home on Sunday. On monday I woke up and there was a great big package on our doorstep from Mother with lots of interesting things inside. Two pots of jams she made herself, my Milly-Molly-Mandy book, my Cheap Date Guide to Style book, a present for my brother's 18th (last Thursday), his birthday card and a few other things. It was nice to get! Thanks muvver.

Soundwave - was excellent. Didn't have to be frightened of the lavatories, ate festival food (mmm hotdogs!), ran around with Sam all day and sat on the bleachers aaaannnndddd - saw Paramore. They were just great, and I had shivers down my legs the entire three quarters of an hour. My friends pointed and laughed at my goosebumps. But I didn't care because it was worth it. They are such great performers and made my day. Afterwards we walked back into the city, had showers, then ran around the streets until late in the night, but not too late because we left for home the next day. I got a speeding fine for doing 77 in a 60 zone, but I don't really mind. Its annoying having to pay a 200 dollar fine and recieve nothing in return for the hard earned money though, which is why most people don't like receiving fines, I guess.

This week I had two days off before I had to go back to work. I've just been cleaning and decorating my little house, and making it an even more comfortable place for us to be. I've decided I'm going to Woodford at the end of this year. I've missed so many years of the best festival ever, because it is smack bang from Boxing Day to New Years Day and I'm always trying to be somewhere else, or I'm working. But not this year. I'm going to commit, and I'm going to be sitting there between Arrin and Phil and Joey and enjoying every second of it. Except maybe I'll be a festival volunteer like last time; then I'll get in for free and it was really fun meeting all the hippies while I put on their wristbands and worked out their season ticket problems. Yes, that is what I'll do. Find out about the festival here.

So, now I'm going to get pie for lunch. I think that would be a suitable way to prepare for the 8 hour shift I'm about to have to work. I can't wait to be my own boss.


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  1. I had the goosebumps too! What a grand time :)