Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainy days of summer

Photos courtesy of me :)

I got another job. Its at the local drive-through, down in an alley in the center of town. It's just two days a week... thought it might be a good idea to try and earn a little extra money when I could, towards the move. I used to work here when I was 18.

I'm left to my own devices. On Monday and Tuesday afternoons there isn't a lot going on up here, so I usually bring my laptop or some magazines. I remember when I used to work here I'd rip pages out of the exercise book used for orders and just write little things all over it, in tiny writing. What I wanted to do later on, stories about people I knew, how I felt about boys... well, one boy in particular. All those sorts of things. I've still got them somewhere.

It's raining today. Its so humid, and all the windows in the fridges are fogging up. 

I'm staring out into the rain and down the alley. I think I'll pretend I'm in New York, selling flowers in the street.

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